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there is a website where you can find out what to feed and what not to feed a guinea pig the website is http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/guineapigs/a/gpsfeeding.htm..

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Can guinea pigs eat pea pods?

Hiya It Shouldnt Be A Problem for Your Guinea Pig To Eat Pea Pods, But As You Should Be Aware You Shouldnt Feed Them Lettuce As It Damagers There Liver, From Sami xx

Can you feed guinea pigs red cabbage?

no you cant feed guinea pigs red cabbage but btw you can feed any guinea pigs light green food

Can you feed letuce to guinea pigs?

you can feed guinea pigs lettuce but definitely not iceburg lettuce.

Can you feed guinea pigs cantaloupe?

Yes, you can definitely feed guinea pigs cantaloupe- in fact they love it.

Can you feed baby guinea pigs peanuts?

no guinea pigs cant eat peanuts

Can you feed a Guinea pig meat?

No, Guinea pigs are vegetarians.

Is salt bad for guinea pigs?

Yes. You shouldn't feed guinea pigs anything with salt in it.

Can you feed a guinea pig hay or straw?

I fed my guinea pig with other guinea pigs. lol, cannibal guinea pig

Can guinea pigs eat celery salt?

No. Don't feed guinea pigs any kind of salt.

Do you have to clean your guinea pig ears?

you shouldnt, guinea pigs will groom themselves and this includes the ears, you should bathe your guinea pig once a month.

Can you feed a guinea pig chinchila food?

No, get guinea pig food for guinea pigs.

Will it hurt to feed guinea pigs crackers?

Probably. You shouldn't feed your guinea pig anything other than vegetables and some fruits plus pellets and timothy hay. Always make sure a vegetable or fruit is safe for guinea pigs to eat before giving it to them. Feed alfalfa to adult guinea pigs in moderation and do not feed them ice-burg lettuce. DO NOT feed guinea pigs pellets made for rabbits or other animals.

Can you feed guinea pigs grass?

Oh yes, definitely. Guinea-pigs LURVE grass, it is their favourite food usually. In the wild, guinea-pigs live on grass, practically. And yes, there are wild guinea-pigs.

Will chickens eat guinea pigs?

yes do not feed them guinea pigs though as they are bad for them by max Patrick gormley

Are blueberries suitable for guinea pigs to eat?

I feed them to my ginnea pigs and they are fine.

Do guinea pigs eat coconut?

No! Do not feed your guinea pig coconut it is poisonous to them!!!

What kind of grapes do you feed guinea pigs?

None. Grapes can give guinea pigs kidney problems and could kill them. Rarely guinea pigs like grapes and are fine. You can take your chance, but I'm not. Seedless grapes are best to feed them.

Can guinea pigs chips?

No you should not feed guinea pigs chips it would be very bad for them. try cucumber they love it :)

What can you feed both rabbits and guinea pigs?

You can feed them both guinea pig food. Don't feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. Rabbits are ok on guinea pig food.

Can you feed tomato plants to pigs?

I don't think you can feed tomato plants to guinea pigs. You can however feed your guinea pig one cup of fresh tomatoes. Good Vitamin C source!

Can you feed your guinea pig dates?

No, dates are bad for the guinea pigs digestive system.

Is it ok to feed a guinea pig a tomato?

Yes, tomatoes are great for guinea pigs.

Can you feed baby spinach to guinea pigs?

Yes, spinach is a great treat for guinea pigs and provides needed vitamin-c.

How old do guinea pigs have to be before you feed them raw vegetables?

Guinea pigs are able to eat raw vegetables from the day they are born.

Can guinea pigs have apple sauce?

Yes guinea pigs can eat applesauce. In fact people often syringe feed their guinea pigs applesauce after surgery, or when they are sick, to prevent starvation/dehydration.

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