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It depends on what you mean. In Tennessee, and probably most other states, nothing "shows up" to the gun dealer. The system simply approves or denies the sale and gives no other information.

Additional answer: what the law enforcement agency looks for is criminal activity, felonies or certain misdemeanors.

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What is the form for a background check when purchasing a gun?

You're probably talking about the 4473.

What does the Brady Bill require?

registration and background checks when purchasing a gun It doesn't require "registration" but it does require a 4473 form to be completed and a background check to be performed when purchasing a gun from a gun store. In many states, it's perfectly legal to sell a gun between individuals with no paperwork.

What do you have to do to get a gun?

Be the right age and have the money to buy the gun, pass a background check, and be responsible!!!!!! --- There are no background checks required to purchase guns from individuals in the majority of states. And if one has a concealed-carry license they can avoid the federal NICS background check when purchasing a firearm from FFL dealers.

Is a background check required to buy a clip for a gun?

No. However, if you cannot pass a background check, it is illegal for you to possess a gun or ammunition for a gun.

How can you check a gun background history?

On the gun itself?

Are all gun retailers required to do a background check before selling a gun to the purchaser of a gun?

Yes, with the exception of some people that have a type of gun license where they have already had a background check.Yes. With the exception of people that have already had a background check, all dealers are required by Federal law to conduct a background check.

What shows up on gun permit background check?

Well, this answer takes a slight clarification. The "gun permit background check" is just a basic criminal background check, basically the same as you get any other time you need a criminal background check. What shows up is your criminal record. Typically, they look for felonies and disqualifying misdemeanors. In the U.S. each state sets its own rules and conditions for gun permit approval, so what they look for depends on the state. In Tennessee, for instance, they check for felonies, misdemeanors involving domestic violence, and DUI arrests for the last 5 years.

Why a had to wait for NICK to get your hand gun?

You had to wait for the criminal background check required when purchasing a firearm. sometimes the system is overloaded. Sometimes you may share a name with someone that cannot own a gun. That will cause a temporary delay.

Why do you have to have a gun background check?

In the US, it is illegal for some people to own a gun- convicted felons, persons that are mentally incompetent, etc. The background check is to insure that you are not a prohibited person.

Were can you buy hand gun without a backround check?

When purchasing ANY firearm from a dealer in the US, the dealer must conduct a background check. The exceptions to that are if the transfer is to another holder of a Federal Firearms License (such as another dealer or licensed collector) or if the purchaser holds a Concealed Weapons Permit (which requires a background check)

What is the number to the gun background check?

You have to have an account for it to do you any good.

Is a background check required to shoot at a gun range in Virginia?

No. A background check is required to purchase a firearm from a dealer. If you are renting a firearm to use at a range, they may choose to run a background check.

Can a felon carry a tasergun in Indiana?

It is legal for a consumers to carry a Taser gun in Indiana. However, dependent on the model, you may have to go through the same background check requirements as when purchasing a handgun.

How do i get a gun in Georgia?

go to a local gun shop and find the gun you want. they will have to run a background check. if your clean, pay.

Can you find out when background checks were done when you bought a gun?

Any time you purchase a firearm from a dealer, Federal law requires that the dealer must run a background check at that time. The exception is that certain states issue a concealed weapons license that ALSO requires a background check- proof of licensing takes the place of a background check. So if you bought a gun from a dealer, you have had a background check made.

Where does Joe Biden stand on gun registration?

He is for gun registration of course. He is also in favor of background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.

Do you need a background check to own a blackpowder gun or rifle in California?


Do you need a background check for a black powder gun in OK?


Are there background checks on buying a gun?

If you buy it from a gun store then always, the federal law requires all gun stores to have back ground checks. If you buy it from a private person like from an add or a small yard sell or something were it is a person selling a gun and not a business then it depends on state law. Some states require people who want to sell there guns to give a background check to people purchasing it.

Do you need a gun license at a gun show to buy?

The same laws in existence for purchasing firearms under any other circumstances in your state apply to gun shows, as well.

What do you need to get a gun?

background check, money, be old enough for the type you are buying,

Background check blackpowder gun Idaho?

How do you check your background for gun purchase?

When you purchase a firearm from a dealer, they phone your information in to NICS. NICS conducts a background check on you, and determines if the sale will proceed or be declined.

How do you get a taser?

You can go to a gun shop and purchase it there, or you can go online and get it from a website. Note that there are restrictions for carrying taser in SOME cities and states. Always check your state or city restrictions before purchasing one. You can also get them at gun shows, gun ranges, some outdoor shops and again, online.

How can you change title ownership of a gun in Tennessee?

If you are purchasing a gun from an individual, there is nothing required as far as paperwork. Some people will write up a bill of sale, or process the sale through a local dealer as a transfer, but that isn't required. If you purchase a gun at a dealer, you must fill out a form and pass a background check.