What shrubs do cicada eat?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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Q: What shrubs do cicada eat?
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How does the cicada eat?

with its mouth!!

Does a goat eat shrubs?

Yes. They eat all kind of shrubs.!

How do hummingbirds eat shrubs?

Hummingbirds don't eat shrubs at all.

What does a zebra eat accept grass and hay?

they eat shrubs and grasses they eat shrubs and grasses

Do impalas eat shrubs?

yes. they eat shrubs, grasses, herbs and leaves

Do crabs eat shrubs?

Crabs are generally sea-dwelling, while shrubs grow on land. Not much chance for crabs to eat shrubs.

Why do wasps kill the cicada bugs?

they need something to eat!

What do young cicada's eat?

the drink sap and plant juice

What do wilbeast eat?

Grasses and shrubs.

What do zebra's like to eat?

Zebras like to eat grass, shrubs, twigs, bark and leaves.

Why do cicada killing wasps attack cicadas?

cause they need something to eat

Do worms eat shrubs?

yes i belive they do