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Sherman through the south. He was Union.


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He conducted what was referred as "Total War", saying: "...War is hell"!

He conducted "Total War", destroying everything in site

The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) was fought between Iran and Iraq, with US Navy patrols conducted within the Persian Gulf itself.

A total war refers to a situation where one side mobilizes all available resources in order to destroy the side's ability to engage in war. The Civil War was called a total war, because the commanding officers on both sides, used total war tactics to try and put an end to the war.

Grant and Sherman conducted campaigns of Total War in which they destroyed the enemy's ability to make war by eliminating railways and bridges, factories, and the crops needed to supply or send supplies to enemy troops.

It was the fact that they had 2 countries on there side before the north used total war on them that forced them to surrender.

Overall, it is estimated that 625,000 total deaths during the US Civil War. There were 365,000 from the Union side and 260,000 from the Confederate side.

War should be conducted in a disciplined way and so that those not involved remain uninjured.Without Anger.With the minimum necessary force.Muslims must only wage war according to the Principles of Allah's justice.

No, it has never been in a war, and it has never conducted a Crusade or an Inquisition.

They were in the total war.

The question needs to be altered as it can be universally said that the Second World War was a total war. This was so because each side had the objective of unlimited political dominance. The scale of each side was huge. Individual events in the war did not make the war a total war. The goal of all opposing sides was to overthrow another's government, or in the case of the Pacific war by Japan against the US, to bend the US to the will of Japan. They did not intend to overthrow the US government.

He conducted "Total War" demonstrating to the Confederacy that a Union Army could march through the heartland of the Confederacy, in the hopes of bringing the lengthy war to a rapid conclusion

no total war is when peoples will is destroyed.

THERE WAS NEVER A LORD OF THE RINGS TOTAL WAR GAME ! but empire total war is good but every total war game was good :)

Yes there will be Rome total war 2 (Total war Rome total war2) in 2013

The Total Monetary War cost = 1'000'000'000'000$ aproximately, more than 2/3 of that by the Allied side and the other part of money was spended by the Axis, Including Germany.

MacArthur was removed from his command in the Korean war because he disagreed with President Truman on how the war should be conducted.

Total war means NOTHING is held back. If a combatant has nukes...he uses them. That's total war. WWII was total war. Total normally equals victory or defeat.

The last TOTAL war was WWII.

Emperor Hirohito had the same ideas that Hitler did and wanted to united the pacific under his command. They both maintained buildings were cruel human experiments were conducted and both were war criminals.

50 million total civilian and military deaths

as the war dragged on, it became evident to all involved that an industrial war required total commitment; or total war

AnswerThey were very different in their time in history, their location in world , the style of warfare conducted, as well as in the causes of the war. .

A total war is a war in which anything and everything is fair game because everything aids the war effort. So, each side was technically allowed to destroy cities and kill civilians as long as they believed it helped the war effort. Total war was brutally followed out especially by the German U-Boats during ww1 and they became infamous for sinking passenger ships and more specifically the Lusitania, which brought the U.S. into the war.

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