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Fried Rice or White Rice

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How many calories are in a beef stir fry?

There are about 300 calories in 1 cup of beef stir fry.

What side dish will go with chicken Stir Fry?

Chicken stir fry is good alone, but if you choose to add a side keep in mind what's in the stir fry. A nice light salad would be a perfect side to a stir fry. Or you could go the traditional route and do a simple rice, whether with vegetables or chicken. That's usually perfect with stir fry

Stir-fry beef how long do you cook for?

Until it has turned completely brown.

What Chinese dish has the most vegetables?

veterinary stir-fry

How many people can you feed in 1kilo of beef?

The answer depends on whether you are serving beef steaks or a beef stir fry.

What is chow ho fun?

Chow ho fun is a traditional Cantonese dish made with stir-fry beef, wide rice noodles, and bean sprouts.

How many Weight Watchers points in beef stir fry?


What is ku po chicken?

Ku po chicken is Kung Pao chicken. This is a traditional Chinese dish that is a stir-fry dish made with a spicy chicken, peanuts, stir-fry vegetables, and chili peppers.

How soon after cooking should a stir fry be served?

I like to serve stir fry while it is still steaming hot . . . say within a minute, if feasible. It is handy to have pre-warmed the dish and plates that the stir fry goes into or onto.

What is a stir fry?

what is a stir-fry

Why is a stir fry called 'Stir Fry'?

Stir fry is called Stir fry because it is made in a wok and you stir the meal to cook it, otherwise it burns, and also you fry it in a wok.

What can be used as a substitute for ground ginger in stir fry?

The dish will not have the same taste at all without the ginger, but that is okay. Try sesame seeds and sesame oil for sesame stir fry instead.

Where does stir fry originate from?

where does stir fry come from China. :)

What is meaning of one-dish-meal?

A one dish meal is just a meal that is prepared using one dish resulting in less cleanup. IE: Stir fry

What country stir fry come from?

Stir fry originated in Asia.

What food group stir fry in?

Stir fry isn't in a food group, it is a method of preparing food. You can stir fry proteins, carbs and sugars. You can stir fry meat, grains, vegetables and fruits.

What does olive oil do for a dish?

It helps keep the dish from being so dry. Also, when frying (as in a stir fry) it keeps the vegetables from sticking to the pan.

How can one add chicken into a stir fry recipe?

Chicken, cashews and water chestnuts are cooked in a flavorful sauce in this chicken stir-fry recipe submitted by Alex Smith. He notes that it also works well with beef.

Is stir fry a Asian dish?

It is a method of making food and the technique is not only used to make Asian dishes.

Where does chicken stir fry come from?

Stir fry cooking originated in Asia.

Do they eat stir fry in Mongolia?

Yes! the Mongolians do eat stir fry

What techniques do Chinese use to cook broccoli and beef?

it is done in a wok that has been oiled, also known as stir -fry

How long does it take stir fry beef to brown?

Because stir fry beef is sliced so thin, it usually only takes 5-8 minutes for it to brown. because of health risks for the very young or very old, I would suggest cooking for 8-10 minutes to be sure that it is safe.

How many weight watchers points is a stir fry?

That depends on the individual stir-fry.

What is the Chinese food dish twice cooked pork?

stir fry pork cabbage with sweet sour dressing on top.

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