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:EDIT: I have been taking lithium for around 5 years and have taken seroquel for around 3. I drink most weekends and have never had any problems. my gf and best friend both take clozapine and they have never suffered from a drink. But each to their own :EDIT:


* Drinking Alcohol while on Seroquel can potentiate the effects of this drug. It can lower your blood pressure to best levels. It is important to discuss this question with your doctor.

* Drinking Alcohol with Lithium is VERY UNSAFE. Even after just a few drinks, the combination of these two substances can cause you to loose consciousness.

* Lexapro and Alcohol act on similar areas of the brain. Drinking while on Lexapro greatly increases the effects on Alcohol. Imparing motor skills and your thought process.

* The person responsible for this post is an absolute imbecile. I have removed much of the damage they have caused to this WikiAnswer.


***It is also unsafe to drink on Lexapro and Zoloft and antidepressants of this genre. However, this is considered unsafe because it is not definite how each individual will react to the combination of alcohol and anti-depressants. At the very least, the alcohol will be greatly intensified by the anti-depressant. Motor skills will be lost much sooner than if you were to only be consuming alcohol while not medicating. Zoloft and Lexapro are not anti-depressants which are abused by drug addicts because they don't give a euphoric feeling. In fact, a patient has to take these drugs daily for a period of two weeks to a months time before the drug takes affect. During that adjustment period, the patients body is adjusting to the drug and the common effects of the drug are upset stomach, dhiarrhea, head aches, large increase or large decrease in appetite, mood swings, and even DEPRESSION - yes, depression is a side effect of anti-depressants.

***If you are prescribed to Lithium, please talk to a doctor, even if it's not your doctor if you are embarassed to talk to your doctor about drinking and drugs. You MUST speak to a professional and become aware of the severity of the drug which you are on. You must also become sensitive to what you can and can not do while medicating with Lithium. And if a doctor has you on Lithium, it is more than likely that Lithium will improve the quality of your life, so don't contemplate quitting the Lithium just to consume alcohol. Any doctor out there, whether they are a family physician, internist, ER physician, or your Pschologist, wil be willing to have an honest conversation with you without judging you if you are afraid to have this conversation with your Psychiatrist (or whomever prescribes the Lithium, eg Neurologist?)

I have seen this tragedy happen too many times in my life. And not just with Lithium, but with many behavioral medications being mixed with recreational drugs. You can't just ask a friend if it's safe, nor can you just get on Wiki or WebMD and expect to make an educated decision about combining drugs.

I beg of you to speak to a health professional. No matter your age or your situation. Health professionals have an ethical responsibility to you, the patient, to not reveal anything you say to anyone, including your parents or the police (unless you have done something to put someone else's life in danger or if you are guilty of the commission of a crime resullting in a third party facing a life/death situation. So, hopefully you haven't been supplying drugs to your buddies and then buying them handles of Jack Daniels, and now you're wondering why you haven't seen your buddy Jimmy in 6 days. You can honestly walk into any doctors office, tell them all of the drugs which you use and ask them what complications may arise from mixing these drugs. This is absolutely a necessary exercise if you choose to use drugs for recreational purposes and insist on mixing them.

Needless to say, the best way to avoid this entire situation is to realize that these drugs are extremely effective and even more harmul!! Abstaining from using any pharmaceuticals will ensure that you have a good time throwing back some cold brews without having to worry about your heart stopping unexpectedly and never waking up from that long night of drinking.

I understand you want to drink I've taken seroquel and lithium before not lexapro though. anyways you can expect over intoxication the risk of comma and your illness will not fully be treated because this lessens the effects of your meds and what they are supposed to do i assume you are bi-polar well for us bi-polars we tend to want to drink but really should'NT. it can increase our risk of delutional or paronoid behavior. a beer seriously wont kill you but its not going to help your treatment. the bi-polar illness is hard enough to deal with you really should'NT make life harder on yourself then it already is. Also my doctor said i could drink on abilify in moderation so talk to your doc about that if you feel you can not quit. lithium makes you zombieish anyways abilify has few side effects and is amazing with bi-polar.

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What are the effects of xanax and lexapro and alcohol together?

possible death

What are the side effects of drinking alcohol while taking Lexapro and Adderall?

I have been taking Lexapro and Adderol for the past 2 years. I haven't had any bad experiences while drinking, however, it does make increase the side effects of alcohol. I got intoxicated more with a less amount of alcohol.

What are the effects of taking the following together Lexapro with Clonazepam and alcohol and marijuana?

Ask your prescribing doctor. Mixing either Clonazepam or Lexapro with alcohol will severely increase the effect of both medications, as well as the alcohol. Mixing Clonazepam and Lexapro will cause your respiratory and nervous system to slow down. Mixing cannabis and antidepressants is not recommended, but if you know your limits, the dangerous side effects are minimal.

What are the effects of drinking alcohol while on lithium?

Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder that can cause liver toxicity. Drinking alcohol will give more damage to the liver.

What are the Side effects of mixing Lexapro and alcohol?

Lexapro potentiates (amplifies) the effects of alcohol. That means that if you drink while taking it, effects like confusion, motor skills and depression may be increased. Recommendations are that you have no more than one beer, one glass of wine, or one 1-1/2 oz. drink.

What happens when you mix alcohol and litihum?

When lithium and alcohol are mixed, it increases the effects on the central nervous system which includes dizziness, sleepiness, and trouble concentrating. Persons taking lithium should discuss the use of alcohol with their doctor.

What are the side effects of taking seroquel Klonopin and alcohol?

An intense drunken high-stupor that even on high-doses does not matter.

What are the side effects of drinking alcohol while taking Lexapro?

Drug interaction: Alcohol & LexaproLexapro does not interact with alcohol, the manufacturer recommends avoiding alcoholic beverages. it does not effect the same part of the brain, but alcohol has an effect on any drug. Alcohol is a depressant and lexapro is an anti-depressant so drinking will lessen the effects of the lexapro. Anyone who is depressed or bi-polar should not be drinking anyways.LEXAPRO CAUSE SERIOUS DEPRESSANT EFFECTS TO NEW USERS. MIXING WITH ALCOHOL WITH ENHANCE THE DEPRESSANT EFFECT. THE ABOVE ANSWER IS ONLY PARTIALLY CORRECT AND SOME OF IT IS WRONG."Lexapro does not interact with alcohol, the manufacturer recommends avoiding alcoholic beverages. " ABSOLUTELY FALSE. -erb RPh.depends if you have been taking lexapro for a long time or not and how much you drink. newcomers to lexapro therapy should avoid etoh ive taken both and i wouldn't take them at the same time. lexapro made it hard for me to evn wake up so mixing with booze isn't a great idea. it probably wont kill you unless u try to drive or use a tree chopper upper or something else dangerous to operate. but its not a good feeling to mix those at least for me it wasntpurple goffer are amazing they fifty legs

What are the effects of combining Wellbutrin with seroquel?

i am prescribed both seroquel and wellbutrin and i have not had any side effects by taking both.

How fast after the initial dosage of seroquel do you see the effects?

regular seroquel is about an hour and seroquel xr takes about 4hrs

What side effects is there mixing seroquel and citalopram?

i was on both and i had no adverse side effects. however the seroquel can cause extreme drowsiness

What are the effects of smoking seroquel?


Is Lexapro addictive?

Lexapro is a widely prescribed antidepressant. Lexapro is not addictive but can have some side effects like fatigue and insomnia.

What are the withdrawal effects from Lexapro?


Do Seroquel and Prozac interfere with each other?

Seroquel can be taken in combination with any ssri such as Prozac. No serious side effects are known but you have to try the combo to see how it works for you since everyone's brain chemistry is different. Also, if you are taking Seroquel for bipolar, you have to consider the possibility of ssri induced mood swings from the Prozac so you may be better off taking Seroquel with a mood stabilizing antidepressant such as Lithium or Lamictal.

Can Lexapro affect your periods?

Yes it can. You can read all about the side effects of Lexapro in the link below.

What are the effects of mixing Lexapro and marijuana?


What are the side effects of taking Adernal and Lexapro?

I have been taking lexapro and adderall together for years now and they seem to be a very good combination for me. Adderall still has its side effects, but no more (effects) than when taken with lexapro. Have you ever taken either drug before?

What are the sexual side effects of seroquel?


What happens if you take expired Lexapro?

Lexapro is an SSRI. The side effects of old pills are unknown. The normal side effects are headache, nausea, dry mouth and insomnia.

How can you ease the side effects of withdrawal from lexaprp?

How can you ease the side effects of withdrawal from lexapro

Why take Lexapro and not Zoloft?

Lexapro has fewer side effects than Zoloft, such as dry mouth/ eyes and sexual dysfunction.

What are the effects of switching from Lexapro to Wellbutrin?

when i switched from lexapro to wellbutrin xl, i became suicidal just be careful and monitor your feelings

How can you reverse the effects of seroquel?

Just deal with it like i do! -Catherine

What is a side effect seroquel? All the side effects are listed here.