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they were neutral in ww1 but was invaded by germans cause hitler couldnt get enough

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I didn't fight at all, which side did you fight on.

The Allies side against Germany.

Switzerland was neutral in World War 2 and so did not fight anyone.

Switzerland did not fight on any side in during both world wars it chose to stay neutral.

Germany and Japan were on the same side in World War II.In World War I Japan was on the Allied side and fought against Germany.

Yes, Russia did fight against Germany in World War 2 with England and USA on Russia's side.

Spain was a Neutral country in World War 2, and did not fight on either side.

World War I was the first war that blacks fought side by side with whites in full integrated units. They also fought together in World War II.

The US fought on the side of the Allies. The other side was called the Axis.

Spain didn't fight because they were nuteral

Switzerland was neutral during both World Wars.

how did they fight in the world war 2

Churchill fought with the allies during the world war.

Norway was occupied by German troops early in the war.

Russia fought on the Entente side against Germany and was defeated.

Depends on what side your talking about (US or Germany)

Wales is part of the UK, so they were Allies.

hitler did fight in world war 1yes

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