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Do rabbits have diseases?

Alopecia,problems with fur lose-Myxomatosis - problems with eye sight-

Why did Einstein wear glasses?

Becaus he had sight problems.

What does sight mean?

Sight means being able to see things like objects, people, trees etc. Sight is vision.

What is the meaning of in plain sight?

"In plain sight" is referring to something being in front of you without any type of obstructions blocking sight of it.

What is a good sentence for simulate?

Simulate what a reader with sight problems might do.

Why is it difficult to look at the sun directly?

This is because the sun (being a BIG light) is actually burning your retina (the back part of your eye) which in time may leave you blind or with sight problems

Function of sense of sight?

A sense of sight allows organisms to hunt and to avoid the danger of being hunted themselves.

Can using the Internet damage your health?

Depends what you do in it and how long you are in it, you may have mental heath problems, eye sight problems, physical problems, if you are on too long with no physical exercise.

What does an optician do?

An optician dispenses contact lenses, and helps patients with eye sight problems.

Are Rhinoceroces blind?

No rhinos aren't blind, but a rhino can be born blind, or become blind. --------------------------------------------------------- It should be noted that while rhinos have horrible eye sight much of the current problems stem from inbreeding. There were few of them so to increase the population there was no choice but to have rhinos breed with siblings. Therefore all these problems from being infertile, to being born blind, going blind and other health problems developed.

What is out of sight out of mind syndrome?

being awaY froma situation and not being seen nor remebered.

Are Biomedical chip implants used to provide sight to the blind?

yes, biomedical chips are being used to provide sight to the blind

What are the problems and solutions of John Milton's On His Blindness?

John Milton's has problems see getting a job or getting dressed. He could go in and have a surgery to have sight.

If a boy has a nearsighted father does that mean that the boy will become nearsighted?

absoloutely not, sight problems are not hereditory

What is long eye sight?

long eye sight is like standing on the edge of the lake and being able to see something or someone on the other side while near sight is like reading a book.

What does high blood pressure lead to?

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the main causes of heart diseases, stroke, kidney problems, sight problems, and brain problems including vasuclar dementia.

How a bionic eye or bionic help individuals overcome problems with their sight or hearing?

X ray vision

What are the top 5 human eye diseases?

BlindnessDry eyesCataract problemsSight declining

How do you use winced in a sentence?

Johnny winced at the sight of is friend being punched.

What is the hink-pink of being able to see in the dark?

night sight

Exterior electrical disconnect required in sight of the what?

If it is a swamp cooler no if it is a condensing unit then yes. In sight is described as being within 50 feet with clear visibility

Who was the Columbus crew man to first sight land?

Rodrigo. But he didn't receive credit or payment for being the first to sight it, since Columbus claimed the right.

What is the Terminology for being unable to tear your eyes away from a horrific sight?

You can be "transfixed" at the sight of an horrific event... Fixed in place, unable to move, hypnotized and unable to tear your eyes away. ..."He was transfixed by the horrific sight unfolding before him...."

Did a snow leopard ever attack a human being before?

yes and it was not a pretty sight

Can squirrels see?

Yes, squirrels have sight. The exception being for squirrels that were born blind.