What sign of obedience did God give to Adam and Eve?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What sign of obedience did God give to Adam and Eve?
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What are the morals in Adam and eve?

- The blessings of God come through obedience. - There are consequences to diobedience.

What was the crucial issue in Adam and Eve's relationship with God?

Obedience was crucial to their relationship. The relationship was damaged when they disobeyed.

Where did you get life?

From Adam and Eve. Adam was the first person in the earth. And eve was the second. they multiplied. And do you know what? Eve, and Adam sinned(they ate the fruit of good and knowlege) because they sinned, that is why there is pain when women give birth.

List the differences and similarities in the temptation of Adam and eve in the garden and jesus in the wilderness?

Adam and eve got tempted to eat fruit from the forbidden tree. Jesus also got tempted to eat bread from the devil. Similarity. What was different was that jesus didn't give in, and adam and eve did give in.

Why did god create Adam and Eve as adults?

In the garden of eden there were no adults to give birth to Adam and Eve. Besides they were the first living humans that god created.

What did eating the fruit give to Adam and Eve?

eve feed Adam berries when god told them not to ,it made them realise that they were naked , so they covered themselves up

Why god created eve?

God is capitalized and to give Adam company

Where did came from Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve were created by Jehovah (God).

Did Eve give Adam some of the fruit to eat?

No, Both Adam and Eve ate from the tree. In Quran, Muslims holy book, both Adam and Eve ate from the tree and accordingly both of them are held responsible of disobeying God (Allah) the Creator.

What is the name of a video about Adam and Eve?

There are three movies that deal directly with Adam and Eve; they are The Bible: In The Beginning, The Sin of Adam And Eve and The Creation: Adam And Eve. There are several movies that have excerpts of the story of Adam and Eve but they are only reference points.

What were the hardships of Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve had to do everything alone.

Was Noah before Adam and Eve?

The historical position is that neither Noah nor Adam and Eve actually existed. The biblical position is that Noah was after Adam and Eve.