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What sites can you use to send free e-cards?

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123Greetings allows you to send free e-cards. Do a search for "free e-cards" and several more will come up.

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There are a couple of sites one can use to send faxes free online. They include myfax and efax. There are probably more sites such as those that are available to use for free.

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You can use this simple website mentioned below to send free SMS to Oman, and its absolutely free without registration

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Use a personal email. This will work best and they will be surprised when they receive it. You can get it by asking them in person or by phone. Visit the Church's website for further information.

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Try to use free texting services (like CallsFreeCalls).

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You can try to use free texting services like CFC.If you enter the number in destination field and it will be highlighted by green that you can send the messages to this number for free.

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Is youripods4free a scam?

No it's not. According to their FAQ: "We are paid by our advertisers for every user we send to their offers. We then use that money to pay for the free gifts we send out to our users." That's how they are able to send out a free ipod.

How can i send long poetry sms to any network in Pakistan for free?

i think there is a web site on the internet that you can use to sent free sms. just go to google and type in free sms Edited: use this website straightaway:

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Use a fake an account and use that person to send it to you.

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Web sites ending in .af are centered in Afghanistan, not Africa.

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