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Q: What size bike should a 5'2 person buy?
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What size bike tire should I buy?

If you bought a new complete bike (not just the frame) you can look at the sidewall of the tires to find out what size you'll need. Many bike manufacturers also list tire requirements online.

What bike should a 5ft person buy?

They should buy a small or medium. Answer by Mr Cool! Wateva! They should buy a Suzuki RGV 250, Aprilia Rs 125 or a Suzuki GSXR 400.

What size threadless bottom bracket should you buy for an old 500 Reynolds tubed dawes road bike frame?


What size ATV should a person 5' 7 buy?

125 90

What should you buy New Bike or Beats by Dr Dre headphones?


Where can I buy plus size bike shorts?

Yes, there are stores that makes plus size bike shorts. You can visit Fashion Bug, Burlington Coat Factory and there are some other stores that sells plus size bike shorts.

Should you buy a dirt bike or snowboard?

Snowboard because its better than a dirt bike.

How should i Buy used motorcycle from individual who still owes the bank?

Depends on how much they owe on the bike and if the price of the bike includes pay off to their bank and you get the title. If there is a lean holder on the bike and after you buy it you don't get a title then no I would not buy the bike.

What size bicycle should a 9 year old buy?

24" is a wheel size, not really a bike size. Not all 24" bikes are the same size, and not all 9-year olds are the same size. Basic rule of bike fitting is that there should be 2" or more of clearance between the crotch of the rider and the top tube when straddling the bike. Then the saddle should be at such a height that the rider's leg is almost fully extended with the foot on the pedal in it's lowest position. Any bike that allows for this has a chance of being a decent fit.

What size dirt bike should i g et if a person 160 pounds?

Be part of the second electrical revolution. We provide the powered personal micro transport, ET Bikes, Scooters, E Bike and Electric Bikes as well as peddle bikes to help sustain our planet.

Which bike should you buy activa pleasure or pep?


Size 13 shoe what size skateboard should you use?

If you street skate then you should get a 7.75 but if you are more of a vert person you should at least get a 8.