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I'm not really sure, but she's pretty small, so I'd guess either 4 or 6.
ashleys size is 3 petite

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What does Ashley michelle tisdale like to wear?

they love to wear expensive clothes with beautiful colors..

What size shoe does Ashley Tisdale wear?

dress size: 4 hip size: 5

Does Ashley Tisdale wear contacts?

No. Ashley Tisdale has nature colored brown eyes

Does Ashley Tisdale wear a wig?

No she only wear extensions.

Does Ashley Tisdale wear her hair up?


What sort of clothes does Ashley Tisdale wear?

I've seen her wear the clothing line "Milly" and "Nanette Lepore" and some "Balenciaga" bags here & there.

Does Ashley Tisdale wear mini skirts?

Yes, she does.

Does Ashley Tisdale wear hair extension?

Yes she does.

Does ashley tisdale wear glasses?

Yes! She has about 30 pairs! LOL

Does Ashley Tisdale wear Abercrombie?

yes she goes to Abercrombie and Fitch.

Does Ashley Tisdale wear a wig in high school musical?


What brand of underwear does Ashley Tisdale wear?

That's Personal!

Which known celebrities wear pointed shoes?

miley cyrus ashley tisdale

How can you be more like Ashley Tisdale?

Dress fashionably and wear pink lip gloss.

If you wear a size 7 in American clothes what size would you wear in European clothes?


Does Ashley Tisdale ever wear a string body suit?

yes a black or a white or a red string

Actresses who wear glasses?

Miley Cyrus, leighton meester, Blake lively, Ashley tisdale, Hayden pannetier, Vanessa hudgens, Ashley Olsen

Are there bikinis made to wear when I need maternity clothes?

Most women start to wear maternity clothes when they are 5 months pregnant. The size of your maternity clothes will be the same size as your regular clothes. For example, if your wear a size 8 in your regular clothes, your maternity clothes will be size 8 too.

If you wear size 7 8 in kids clothes when your 11 what size will you wear in clothes when I am sixteen?

you'll be wearing about a size 14 or 13

What shoe size does Ashley argota wear?


Is Sharpay's blonde hair a wig in sharpay's fabulous adventure?

in sharpays fabulous adventure did ashley tisdale wear a wig

What brands of clotes does Ashley Tisdale wear?

Want to buy clothes go here: ht tps://tee s pring .com/sto res/gam ing-t-shi rts-17 and delete the spaces in the link

What size of clothes does jaden smith wear?

he wears size 14

What clothes size is kaley cuoco?

she wear a size 6 to7 size jeans

What size clothes does Vanessa Hudgens wear?