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What size clothing is a 6?

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I'd say a small.

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What is an English size 6 equivalent to in America?

If in London it is important to know that an English size 6 is not the same as an American size 6. So if you are a size 4 in American clothing then a size 6 in UK clothing is perfect for you.

What size clothing does a 6 year old boy wear?

There is no standard size clothing for a 6 year old boy. The size of clothing that a 6 year old boy will wear is determined by his weight and height.

What size - clothing is Anne Hathaway?

she is a size 6

What is an Australian womens clothing size 10 equivalent to in America clothing?

An Australian size 10 is equivalent to an American size 6 (small).

What would a childrens size 13 be in womens?

Depense what shop that you purchase your clothing from. Size 13 in womens clothing can range from size 6-8.

What clothing size is Eleanor Tomlinson?

Eleanor Tomlinson did go to my school she is very thin I think she is a size 6 or 8

Size 20 womens pants are what size in men's clothing?

Size 20 womens pants are what size in mens clothing

What are US clothing sizes in inches?

The US clothing sizes in inches vary from 38 inches to 52 inches. For example, a US size 6 is equivalent to 38 inches, a size 14 is 46 inches and a size 20 is 52 inches.

Size 11 Clothing what is the average Weight?

What is the average wgt of a size 11 clothing

What clothes sizes are considered an American small?

A 4-6 is considered a size small for women's American clothing. Clothing smaller than a size four are considered extra small for very petite women.

What is women's clothing size conversion between South Africa and US?

A size 34 in South Africa is a size 10 in the U.S. A size 32 is a size 8, a size 30 is a size 6, a size 28 is a size 4, etc.

What is women's clothing size conversion between South Africa and Europe?

Women's clothing sizes in South Africa are typically in sync with UK sizes. The corresponding US size is one size lower. So a size 10 in South Africa (or the UK) is a size 8 in the US, or a size 6 in South Africa is a size 4 in the US, etc.

How do you convert American clothing sizes to Australian sizes?

size 0 American is size 4 australiansize 2 American is size 6 australiansize 4 American is size 8 Australian

What equipment do basketball players need?

shoes, basketball uniform or suitable clothing, basketball- women size 6 men size 7, water,

What is Queen size in womens clothing?

Queen size in women's clothing is what is commonly referred to as plus size clothing. This ranges from 2X to 8X and are reserved for women with big bodies.

What age would fit into a size XL?

Size in clothing is not dependent on age. A person's height and weight determine their clothing size.

What was Thomas Jefferson's clothing size?

size 23

What is Megan Fox's clothing size?

Size 2

What is junior size 7 in misses?

A junior size 7 would be the equivalent of a misses 6. Misses clothing are cut with fuller thighs and hips, so it would be a smaller size for juniors.

What size Clothing does Hannah Montana wear?

I am positively sure that Hannah Montana wears size 12/14/16. (It depends on the type of clothing). In adult clothing she wears size 3/4.

What is the best way for me to measure my child to find the correct size of clothing?

Measure their waist and chest size mainly for determining the right size of clothing.

How do you determine this is your clothes size?

Unfortunately there is no standardization in women's clothing. What may be a size 6 in one manufacturer's line might be an 8 or a 10 in another's. This is the reason that women spend so much time in the dressing room, to determine if the clothing fits. The best answer is that you wear a particular clothing size by a particular maker. This is what it means to wear "Liz Claiborne" or "Mizraki" or "Tommy Hilfiger"...they have a standardization within their lines for size.

At what size do you need to be to start shoping for plus size womens clothing?

Size 18 onwards can normally be considered plus size womens clothing,

Is there a difference in the size XL and 1XL in Men's clothing?

Generally, there is a difference in the size of XL and 1XL in men's clothing. It will depend upon the company making the clothing items.

What size clothing is Selena Gomez?

a UK magazine described her as being a UK size 6, which is roughly equivalent to a US size 2. know she is a 34 bra and a 3 in jeans a m in shirts