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Five types of size collection available for youth.Some example: small,medium,Large,XL,XXL.You can find the measurement,in my opinion ,this online store is the best one ,with the low price ,fast delivery and good after-sale service.

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Q: What size is a youth small t-shirt?
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What size is a youth XS?

youth extra small

What and the different from youth size and adult size?

Adult small is typically 2'' inches longer top to bottom and 1" wider pit to pit. Sizes vary by clothing manufacturer.

Is a youth size 7 a small medium or large?

6-8 is a youth small 10-12 is a youth medium and 14-16 is a youth large I believe.

What shoe size is a youth medium?

If you wear a size 2 in children what size is it for small medium or large

What is Liam Payne's tshirt size?

It depends Buthelezi is a size 18 to 20

What age is size YS?

YS probably indicates "youth small", meaning kids' small.

Is a mens small t shirt the same size as a boys 8-10 t shirt?

Boys 8-10 t-shirts are typically a size youth small or youth medium. A men's small t-shirt is usually slightly larger than a youth large (size 12-14). Adult sizes tend to be a little longer where youth shirts are a little wider.

What does the size YL stand for is It bigger or smaller than a small?

Youth Large

What clothing size is a youth large?

Somewhere between 10 1/2 and 12.

Where can you get a tshirt that says im not short im fun size?

Maybe at a carnival

Should i buy a small or medium sized tshirt i want to buy a billy Elliot tshirt but I'm not sure if i should get small or a medium. I'm a size 8 or 10. what should i get?

I'd get the medium. You can always take it in, but you can't make it bigger! (And depending on the percentage of cotton, it may shrink.) A larger shirt can also be worn over another shirt if need be.

What hockey jersey size should i get i am 5'9ft 180lbs.?

Get an s/m (small medium) in youth