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25 yards, sometimes 25 metres, and 6-8 lanes

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Q: What size pool is typical at a YMCA?
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What is the standard size ymca pool?

A standard YMCA pool should be 25 yards. But some YMCA pools are smaller than standard size. They might be 20 yards. But most should most definitely be 25 yards.

Does YMCA have a pool?

yes the YMCA has a pool but I'm not sure of the times and when its open. You can go to for more info. on that.

Does YMCA have a indoor pool?

It depends on the YMCA but most of them have indoor pools. Hope that helped!

Were is the best swimming pool to go to?


How many feet in a ymca pool?

6 feet

When does the YMCA pool close on Mondays?


How old do you have to be for the YMCA pool?

7 years old

How much space do you need for an average in-ground pool?

Typical in-ground pool dimensions are 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40. Depending on which size you choose, you would need to add on at least 3-feet on each side of the pool for an apron. Although these are typical pool sizes, a pool can be any size that you choose.

What do you have to wear in the pool at the ymca?

wear shorts and a t shirt to the gym, swim suit to the pool!

What time does the ymca pool close?

at 6:00 p.m.

How many yards in an average ymca pool?

5o yards

What time does the YMCA pool close on Sundays?


What day does the YMCA pool open?

8 days a week

Does the YMCA actually clean their pool?

No the YMCA managed pool in Winsdor! Its always dirty.... Staff look very flash in nice uniforms, but most are young an inexperienced (cheap) labour!

What is a typical swimming pool dimension?

The average size of an inground pool in a private back yard is 20ft by 40ft. You can also get other sizes as well!

How much does YMCA swimming lesons cost?

It depends on your YMCA. All swim clubs are different. Please check with your local pool.

Lifeguard job for 14 year old?

YMCA or local pool.

Can anybody swim in the YMCA pool?

Only if you have a member ship yes

What happens at the YMCA if your in the pool and it rains?

If it's an indoor pool, it's okay as long as there's no thunder and lightning.

Can you go to the YMCA pool with a bleeding spot?

No. It is a public pool and depending on the cause of your bleeding you could get it infected or spread what you have.

Is the YMCA a gay bar?

Yes the swimming pool a very popular place

I am looking for water aerobics for my fybromyalgia.?

Try the YMCA or any gym that has a pool

How wide is the butt of a pool cue?

Although there is no mandatory size by rule, the butt of most pool cues is nearly the same. A typical diameter is one and 3/8 inches.

Is there track at YMCA?

Yes some of them do. My YMCA track has an indoor track that is upstairs. It is not a full size track though.

Where do you go for swimming lessons?

You should check your local swimming pool. Or you can see a YMCA.

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