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Q: What size shoe does Lucas Till wear?
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What shoe size does Hannah Montana wear?

what shoe size do you wear Hannah

If you wear a womens size 6 shoe what size would you wear in a boys shoe?

size 4

If you wear a size 5.5 in men's shoe what size should you wear in a women's shoe?

A 7.5

What is Whitney Houston's shoe size?

she wear a size 10 shoe

What shoe size does Pele wear?

pele shoe size was 7.5

What shoe size does Dwayne Johnson wear?

Shoe Size: 14

What size shoe does Ian Thorpe wear?

His size shoe is 17

What size shoe does Josh Duhamel wear?

He has shoe size 11

If you wear a 7.5 shoe size in women's what size do you wear in men's shoe size?

You actually will wear a mens size 6 compare you measurements here...

What size men's shoe would you wear if you wear a size 6 shoe in womens?

about a 4 in boys

If you wear a 8.5 in women's shoe what size do i wear in men's shoes?

the shoe size is 11

If you wear a size 10 shoe how can you fit a size 13 shoe?

Wear 4 pairs of socks.

If you wear a size 8 women's shoe what size would you wear in a boy's shoe?

It would be a size 6 in boys.

If you wear a 8 in men shoe size what size do you wear in women shoe size?

8 in men = 9.5 in women

What size shoe does Robert Pattinson wear?

his shoe size is mens size 10

What size shoe does Richard Hammond wear?

his shoe size is a whopping 14

What size shoe does Marilyn Manson wear?

She wore shoe , size no 7.

What shoe size did Peter Steele wear?

He wore shoe size 15.

What size shoe does Zendaya Coleman wear?

Zendaya Coleman's shoe size is size seven

What size shoe does Kobe wear?

Size 11

What size shoe does rihanna wear?

A size 9

What size shoe does iniesta wear?

Size 9

Can a 16 year old wear a size 7 shoe?

Well, if your shoe size is seven, then you can physically wear them. However, it is uncommon to have that shoe size at that age (it is possible though).

What size shoe did Fred Astaire wear?

8 1/2 shoe size

What size shoe does will smith wear?

His shoe size is 11 or 13 (sources vary).