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A spark plug for a 2003 Mazda Protege has a 14 mm thread size, and a 19 mm reach. The gap is 1.1 mm.

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2001 Mazda Protege ES uses tire size 195/55 R15

For the stock XP Iridium spark plugs the gapping is .051, I would suggest not changing the stock spark plugs until your warranty has expired. Mazda tried giving me crap for changing mine.

6.5inches. Most modern speakers won't match up perfectly on the holes. I've owned a 1993 Mazda protege and a 1991 Mazda protege, I've changed the head unit, speakers and added an amp and sub to both, so I know =p

what is the spark plug gap size for a 1987 suzuki savage 650?

Could buy your new plugs to make sure your size is correct. Then you might have to go and get a deep socket of that size and the extension will just fit(but not click)into the top of the socket if you hold it right.Or grind down the fat socket!

The back speakers I know are a 6 x 9.

6x9 in the front doors 6.5 in the back doors

Look in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post.

the spark plug gap size on a Mercedes e420 is .32

.035 gap. DPR8ea-9 spark plug

Front 5.25" @ 1.75" * Rear 5.25" @ Over 8"

Check the plug No. Last number is for the Gap size. NGK Resistor Spark Plug DPR7EA-9 The 9 is the gap size

2008 kia spectra 'SPARK PLUG GAP;.040

Unhook the wire and use a spark plug socket of the right size.

It is important to gap the spark plugs at the right size. The spark plug gap for a 1981 305 Monte Carlo is .045 inches.

The spark plug gap on a 1999 Suzuki Intruder 1500 is 0.035 inch. This is a common spark plug gap size for motorcycles.

the spark plug book at walmart says .032 gap

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