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Coach baby bags come in both small and medium sizes. Coach currently has 5 different designs that baby bags are available in and you can view them on the Coach website.

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Q: What sizes do the Coach Baby diaper bags come in?
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Who makes designer diaper bags?

There are many designers who make diaper bags. Some of the more popular designers who make diaper bags are Coach, Gucci, and Polo.

What is the price of a Coach diaper bag?

Coach offers a number of different diaper bags, which can vary in price. The price will often depend upon the style of the bag. However, Coach diaper bags typically start at about $250, and can range up to $400.

How many different styles of Coach diaper bags are there?

From the main Coach website you can view all the different types of diaper bags that are offered. Although they are all labeled differently and they all have different designs there are actually only three different styles of diaper bags shown.

Where is a good place to shop for coach diaper bags?

The best place to shop for coach diaper bags would be a coach outlet, as the prices are much less there. You could always find a regular coach store or retailer, but you'd probably end up paying a higher price for what you want.

Are Coach Messenger bags expensive?

Genuine Coach diaper bags are very expensive. These diaper bags often cost approximately US $600.00 and more. There are also many ripoffs on the market so be very aware of where you purchase your Coach diaper bag.

Where can one buy a Vera Bradley diaper bag?

Vera Bradley baby bags can be purchased on Amazon online. If there is a store called Baby Factory in the area, they also stock these diaper bags in store.

What is the good point does baby diaper bags have?

There are a number of good points that a baby diaper bag has in general. A baby diaper bag can be used to hold extra diapers, clothing, bottles, and can hold a changing pad.

How many diapers does an average diaper backpack bag hold?

Diaper backpack bags are designed to carry everything you will need on the go with a baby. Many bags will hold sixteen diapers and all the baby supplies you could imagine.

Where can one find celebrity diaper bags?

You can find celebrity diaper bags from the following sources: Celebrity Baby Scoop, Isoki, 2 Sweet Sisters, Gift Simple, Baby Zone, Babble, The Bump, Bag SQ, Bliss Living.

Who designed Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags?

Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags and other baby related items are designed by DeNai Jones. The headquarters of the company is located in Ventura, California.

Where to find diaper bags?

Walmart,zellers,target,any dept stores or baby stores

Are designer diaper bags purely cosmetic?

Designer diaper bags are just as functional as the diaper bags that anyone can purchase in department stores and baby stores. You can get the same features in diaper bags in range of price points. Designer bags are cosmetic in the sense that some people want to carry bags with designer names associated with them. No, they are very functional as well. They often contain multiple pockets to carry various diapers and other supplies. They are simply more fashionable.