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you need to get a high school deploma and you need a masters degree

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Q: What skills are required to be an architect?
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What are the skills needed to become an architect?

The skills required to become an architect include computer skills, drafting skills, math skills in geometry and algebra, and excellent communication skills. You will also need business skills.

What are some helpful skills for an architect?

some helpful skills you will need to become an architect you will need to be good at math and science and have decent drawing skills.

What skills does an architect need?

There are quite a few different skills that an architect needs. These architects need to be able to measure for example.

What do clients want in an architect?

Clients wants in an architect will include:experiencequalificationsprofessionalismbusiness knowledgecommunication skills

What do you need to become an architect?

Artistic skills.

What transferable skills does an architect need?


How much education is required to be an architect?

an architect needs about three years of practical experience

What exams are required for credentialing in architect?

The exams required to be a licensed architect are LEED Green Associate, LEED AP with specialty, and LEED Fellow.

What degree is required for an architect?

Basically a Masters level education or Masters of Architecture is required to become an architect. Masters of Architecture is also known as M.Arch.

What qualification do you need to appear for architect?

eating skills potty skills potty trained

What skills are required to be a counselor?

what skills are required to be a counselor

Do you need to be an architect to design houses and sell the floor plans?

By definition, anyone who designs floorplans for residential, commercial and/or industrial buildings is an architect. Most people attend colleges or universities prior to beginning a career as an architect, however as with many things the skills required for such a vocation can be learned on one's own. Certification, training and experience will certainly help one gain the knowledge required. The passion for learning and creation will ultimately propel one into a successful career as an architect.

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