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The answer is all the points below. Except the following points. You could be the best teacher who ever lived. You could get 64% value added results in a class where 30% are predicted A*. You could inspire your kids to achieve results beyond the government's wildest dreams. But you have a 50/50 chance of working for a Head Teacher who has long forgotten the reasons why they became a teacher. All they care about is an easy life and ticking the boxes. They won't care if your subject leader is an idiot who forces you to teach c**p lessons because their ego is huge but their ability to understand how kids learn is zero. They know that, when Ofsted come knocking at the door, they will have all the boxes ticked and the paperwork in place. Ofsted will follow their trail, which has bu**er all to do with how well people teach (let's face it, an Ofsted 'Outstanding' lesson takes a minimum of 3 hours to prepare with the new framework.) Teacher's teach 21 lessons per week. That's 63 hours to prepare lessons. 21 hours to teach. All the marking and paperwork. We would need God to extend the working week by at least 4 days to get all this in. And don't fall for the old 'Ahh well. If you have planned it once it will last for the next 10 years' trick because the Department for Education and floor cleaning (or whatever they have decide to call it this year) will certainly introduce a new initiative each year that changes the goal-posts.

A teacher needs to have the skin of a rhino. A teacher needs to happily accept the treachery of other teachers. A teacher needs to never think 'Would i really like these vile people to be anywhere near my own children?' A teacher needs to understand that, no matter how brilliant they are, the number one trait that will ensure longevity in the profession is this: learn to suck up to people who do not know the first thing about what makes an excellent teacher. If youcan't accept this, you will last 3 years max. or have a nervous breakdown. Remember Gordon Gheko? These are the people who run schools now. Are you a hard-nosed bas**rd who is only entering the teaching profession to fast track it to Headteacher and big-buck it until early retirement? Yes? in that case, go for it. Do you care about helping children to meet their full potential? Yes? Go and work for Oxfam in Africa then because you ain't got much chance of achieving that if you choose a teaching career in the UK. i challenge you to keep this entry on this page. if I had known this before i entered the profession,I wouldn't have gone near it.

requires you to take on many roles such as: janitor-sometimes your class isn't cleaned or there is no cleaning staff so you have to clean it yourself, counselor- listening to students and parents share personal and private life/family events, child advocate- reporting any child abuse or suspected abuse, take on the role of a parent-some parents don't care about their child's education and you may never see or hear from them the entire school year despite poor grades and many calls home, teachable- you should never walk into any teaching position believing you know-it-all... because you don't. There will be curriculum you will have to master, ongoing professional training courses will need to attend, and teacher collaboration meetings where you will learn and share new teaching methods, secetary-answer phone call, return emails, schedule meetings, leave messages, input student scores to district data base and on-line gradebook, correct many many many student assignments, understand state standards and align lessons to appropriate standards, keep bulletin boards in classroom current with student work, allow administrators, parents, and other teachers in your classroom to observe your teaching skills, and most importantly you should have very consistent and well thought classroom management skills. If you are unable to control your classroom and students are not paying attention to your lessons it really doesn't matter how well you do any of the above task because you're not teaching and students aren't learning.

These are only a few skills it takes to be a teacher and if you become one you will find out all the other skills involved. Teaching is a very rewarding career because you do so much and get so little thanks or appreciation back in return. The reward is watching your students succeed and grow into the person you know they can be.

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Q: What skills do teachers need?
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