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Once Gollum found out that he couldn't find his ring and the odd question from Bilbo about ''Whats in my pocket?'' Riddle then he though Bilbo must have the ring so he went back over to Bilbo but he was gone... really he just had the ring on so he was invisable. Gollum thought that Bilbo found the way out of the cave so he went to the Exit of the cave which techniaclly lead Bilbo to the exit so Bilbo got out by using a skill which was the skill he came up with by Gollum.
answering riddles so Gollum won't kill him

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What was the point of the competition between Gollum and Bilbo?

Gollum promised to show Bilbo the way out if Bilbo won. And Gollum was going to eat Bilbo if he could.

What is Bilbo and Gollum's game?

Bilbo and Gollum played riddles. If Gollum won he could eat Bilbo. If Bilbo won Gollum had to show Bilbo the way out of the cave.

Why did Bilbo play a riddle game with Gollum?

Because Gollum said that if Bilbo won he would show him the way out of the cave.

What are the rules of Gollum and Bilbo's riddle competition?

The condition set for the winner and loser is as: If Bilbo wins then Gollum will show him the way out of the cave and if he loses then Gollum will eat him whole.

What are the riddle game rules in chapter 5 of the hobbit?

Anyone who couldn't guess the answer to the other person's question would have to pay a certain price: Gollum would have to show Bilbo the way out of the cave system is he lost, and Bilbo would be eaten by Gollum if he lost.

How does Bilbo show courage that he did not possess before?

Bilbo steals the archenstone and takes it to Bard as a negotiation tool.

Who is nicer gollum or smeagol?

Smeagol is nicer. In the movies Gollum love and hates the ring and shows the hate between us if there was no God to save us. On the other hand Smeagol tries to honor and serve his master frodo and tries to fight of Gollum even though they are the same person. Gollum and Smeagul show the fights we have with ourselves on good and evil or right and wrong.

How do they show loyalty in The Hobbit?

The dwarves show that they are loyal to Bilbo by looking to him for advice, respecting his opinion, and protecting him.

What are the main events in the hobbit the book?

A simplified list of main events:Gandalf approaches Bilbo, and he marks Bilbo's door.Dwarves show up at Bilbo's house and convince him to journey with them.Bilbo finds the ring and meets GollumThe group goes to Rivendell, and they find clues on the mapThey are captured by elves and escape down the river.Everyone ends up in Lake-town and they meet Bard.They enter the mountainBilbo confronts Smaug and finds the ArchenstoneSmaug attacks Lake-town and is killed by Bard.There is a major battle. Many groups are involved.Thorin is killed. Dain becomes King Under the Mountain.Bilbo and Gandalf journey back home.

Why is it necessary to the story that Gandalf leave the expedition at Mirkwood?

because if he stayed the dwarves and Bilbo would make it through too easily and the story would be dull. Besides, it lets Bilbo show his self-worth.

How do I deal with a sorority girlfriend?

Dealing with a sorority girlfriend is no different than dealing with any other girl. Show respect for her and her priorities.

How do you show a boy your exercising skills?

Show how you do the skill to him

What are the release dates for The Janee Show - 2012 Dealing with the Unexpected 1-4?

The Janee Show - 2012 Dealing with the Unexpected 1-4 was released on: USA: 18 March 2012

How does Bilbo puzzle smaug?

Firstly, he gets the dragon to brag about his chest with jewels encrusted. When Smuag decides to show it off, the weak spot is revealed, and Bilbo sees it.

How did Bilbo Baggins show friendship in The Hobbit?

He saved the dwarves many times, despite the fact that they did not much like him at first.

What did Bilbo Baggins intend to do if he was unable to find Gandalf or the dwarves?

If Gandalf and the dwarves did not show up to rescue him, Bilbo Baggins had a plan to make his way through the tunnels to locate them. However, he is saved from that undertaking when he hears the dwarves and Gandalf talking.

What is a skills inventory?

A skills inventory means list of skills or techniques. Example: show me some skills from your skills inventory. A skills inventory can also be a test that someone takes that attempts to determine what skills they have.

What skills are required for Taco Bell?

Just people skills-they'll show you the rest.

When does Bilbo Baggins show Loyalty in The Hobbit?

Besides the chapter where the dwarves are captured by the Goblins.

What is the English setter known for?

English Setters are known for their hunting skills and sometimes their show skills.

Special skills to put on a application?

Special skills are anything that you do well, that can show your employer that you can do your job.

What TV show was Arnold the pigs favorite show on green acres?

There was no particular show as such but the Hog seemed to enjoy Westerns dealing with cavalry battles, the John Wayne sort of thing.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Emilio Game Show - 2010?

The cast of The Emilio Game Show - 2010 includes: David Anghel as David David Anghel as David (The Bad) Jeff Bridges as Clu Andy Serkis as Gollum Abel Valko as Attacker

How can you show good communication skills?

To show good communication skills you have to pay very good attention to the person speaking,try to understand what they say,look at the person in the eyes to show them your not trying to show them that you don't care,and finally listen to everything the person is saying.

What is your Philosophy to work?

my philosophy is to use the skills i have to get the results to show for

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