What slingshot is the best to go for?

Store bought slingshots are okay, but if you want to have a extremley reliable slingshot then I recomend you make one. What you should do is go in the woods and look around for Y shaped wood. Make sure it is strong(you can get hurt with a powerful slingshot breaking) and trim the bark. If you live in the city just go to the park and find a good peice of fallen wood. Let it dry if it is freshley cut. When it is dry you must trim the two small forks to be as even as possible. Now you need surgical toobing, thick long rubber bands, or a car intertube. Use a knife and cut a ridge close to the top all the way around both of the small forks, so your rubber bands will stay put. Dont dig to deep or it will break when rubber band is pulled back. Now you have to make a holster for the projectile. Make a rounded off square with two holes on each side. Now using string attach the rubber band to the holes in the holester and ridge on the slingshot. Make sure it is tight or it will come loose and hurt you. When using it you should use sunglasses because they will break. Over time they will get better and you can modify it to make it better. For detailed instruction go to youtube or ehow.com

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