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the equation is in the correct format [y = m*x + b]. m is slope, b is y intercept.

So m = 1/3, and b = 2. Slope is 1/3. Any other line which has a slope of 1/3 will be parallel to this line.


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If it is parallel, it must have the same slope of the original line which is -5.

Y = -2x + 5 so the slope of this equation, along with the slopes of parallel equations, is -2

The slope is ' 5 ', so both lines MUST be parallel.

They are both parallel because the slope or gradient is the same but the y intercept is different.

[ y = 2x + 5 ] has a slope of 2. [ y = 2 ] is a horizontal line ... its slope is zero. Their slopes are different, so they're not parallel.

It equals the slope of the line y = -x. That's a pretty darn strong hint right there is what that is.

The graph of [ y = 4x + 2 ] is a straight line with a slope of 4.Any line with a slope of 4 is parallel to that one, and any line parallel to that one has a slope of 4.

If you mean -x+y = 12 then y = x+12 and so the parallel line will have the same slope but with a different y intercept.

Y=2X+4. You must only change the plus blank...

Because the slope of these lines are the same, they are parallel. One crosses the y-axis at 7 and the other at -7. When written in this manner the number in front of the x is the slope.

Get in slope intercept form. 3X + 5Y = 15 5Y = -3X + 15 Y = -3/5X + 3 -3/5 is the slope of this line and the line parallel to this line

If they have the same slope or gradient of 2 but different y intercepts then they are parallel. You have not given enough information for a yes or no answer.

[ y = 5x plus or minus any number ] is parallel to [ 5x = y - 12 ], since parallel lines have the same slope.5x = y - 12y = 5x + 12 (slope is 5)

Rewriting the equation 3x + y = 15 gives y = 15 - 3xThe slope of this and any parallel line is the x multiple, which in this case is -3

6x + 3y = -9 So 3y = -6x - 9 or y = -2x - 3 So the slope of the given line is -2 Therefore, the slope a any parallel line is also -2.

No because they don't have the same slope (9x & 3x)

y equals 3x plus 3 is slope intercept form.

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