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A hamster is good or a guinea pig or a rat but you all have to take care of them other wise they wont be that freindly also some may be very fragile like hamster and when you get it you will need it to get use to people sorry my writing has lots of mistakes


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If you see a pet like that, you are high.

large, small, furry, hairless, affectionate, aloof

they are furry rodents. if there is a dander alerigy then gerbils do not fit.

A noun phrase is often needed because the noun alone may not express the thought. For example:I have a pet.I have a small furry pet.I have a large scary pet.I have a pet that bites.

It's small, furry. It's exactly the same as a normal gerbil, a like a mouse or hamster with a furry tail... you can look up a picture on google.

A child's first pet should be something small like a hamster.hamsters are easy to take care of and are cute and furry, even are good pets for adults!!

yes they are! but small children are preferred

Yes, you can. Examples: * She had a small, furryguinea-pig as a pet. * After a decent wash, her soft, silkyhair shone.

in the basement of the pet shop

It can but you have small children around always watch

Maybe something small for littler children. A cat, or a dog or something like that may give them a little responsibility. But a large pet takes a lot of looking after! The best pet for kids would be possibly a dog or a rodent, such as a rat.

True to its title, pet car seats are exactly that - pet car seats. Used for the protection of small dogs and cats in lenghty car rides; pet car seats function the same way that a child's car seat functions. The main purpose of this nifty contraption is to protect you and your furry friend!

you mean like a leash? no.. there too small even a rat is too small. the smallest pet that can fit is a ferret or Guinnapig.

1. Furry is a word that the person asking this question doesn't know how to use in a sentence. Yeah, maybe not what you're looking for. 2. I went to the pet store and got to hold a furry kitten. 3. I think Krystal from Star Fox is attractive. Am I a furry?

To small children yes. To teenagers and adults, I don't think so.

If the rat is healthy, then it is unlikely to give you a disease in this way.However, if you have a propensity for letting small furry animals lick you, you are already pretty sick.

when you pet a cat it feels ,with most cats, furry and soft. It also makes you want to cuddle it!

Yes, you can buy medication for your furry friends online. 1800PetMeds is a very popular pet pharmacy worth checking out.

You shouldn't use bacitracin on any pet. Keep it out of reach of small children, too.

You can sell items on buildabearville but not furry friend items.

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