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The sea is the Ionion

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What sea lies along the west coast of greece?

The Aegean Sea

What is sea lies along the west coast of Greece?

It is the Ionian Sea.

Does Greece have a coastline?

Yes, The Ionian Sea coast (west), The Mediteranian Sea coast (south) and the Aegean Sea coast (east).

What body of water borders the western coast of Greece?

The Ionian Sea runs along Greece's west coast.

What three seas make Greece a peninsula?

The Ionian Sea to the West, the Sea of Crete to the South and the Aegean Sea at the East Coast.

What sea is to the west coast of Italy?

The sea on Italy's west coast is the Tyrrhenian Sea.

What sea is on the east coast of Greece?

Part of the east coast of Greece is the Mediterranean Sea, adn the other part is the Black sea.

Which lies west to Greece the lonian sea or the aegean sea?

To the West of Greece... lies the Ionian Sea. It separates Greece from Italy.

What is the largest body of water bordering greece?

Greece is entirely in the Mediterranean Sea. The eastern coast of Greece is on a body of water of the Mediterranean Sea which is called Ionian Sea and separates Greece and Italy. The western coast of Greece is on a body of water of the Mediterranean Sea which is called Aegean Sea and which separates Greece and Turkey. The Greek coast on the Aegean Sea is longer than that on the Ionian Sea.

Where is Thessaly in Ancient Greece on a map?

Look for the Aegean Sea and it is on it's west coast, south of Macedonia.

Which sea lies west of Greece the Ionian or Aegean?

west to greece Is ionian sea. for greece questions and ansewer got to

What sea lies west of Greece?

A sea

What sea is west of Greece?

The Ionian Sea.

Name the seas that lie to the west east and south of Greece?

The sea that lies west of Greece is the Ionian the sea that lies south of Greece is the Mediterranean and the sea that lies east of Greece is the Aegean.

What sea that is just west of Greece?

It is the Ionian Sea.

What is name of the sea that is off the coast of Italy?

That would be the Adriatic Sea on the East coast, and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the West coast.

How many neighbors does Greece have and who are they?

Greece has four land-neighbors: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Greece is also close to Italy over the Ionian Sea and the west coast of Turkey from Greek islands.

What is the name of sea on the west coast of sabah?

South China Sea on the west

Which sea lies east of Greece and the west of Turkey?

The Aegean Sea separates Greece and Turkey.

Which lies west of greece-the ionian sea or the aegean sea?

The Ionian Sea is west of Greece. P.S. If you have trouble knowing where west and east is,think of, 'we' west comes before east, like in 'we', "w" for west, and "e" for east!The Ionian sea.

What are the seas on the east and west of Greece?

on west: Ionian sea on east: Aegean sea

What is a country that borders Greece?

In the north it borders with Albania, FYROM, and Bulgaria.In the east Greece borders with Turkey (and the Aegean sea)In the south and west Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea(the Ionian sea is west, and the Libyan sea to the south)

What sea borders Greece to the west?

Aegean Sea, Libyan Sea, Mediterranean Sea.

What sea borders Scotland?

The North Sea on the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast.

Which lies west of Greece the Ionian sea or the Aegean sea?

ionian sea

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