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all types of snakes are eatable

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Do frogs eat snake?

yes,frogs eat snake.But only small snakes can be eatable by frogs.

Are Python snakes eatable?

No pythons are snakes that can not be eaten. Yes pythons are edible (see link below for a description of how to pan fry python and food critic review)

What blood is eatable?

non is eatable

Is moldy cheese eatable?

No it's not eatable

Is sulfur eatable?

Elementary sulfur is not eatable.

Are penguins eatable?

If you really want to. Yes, they are eatable.

Can emu eggs eatable?

Yes, emu eggs are eatable. As are Ostrich eggs!

Is the moon eatable?


What about a raccoon is eatable?


Can you eat bauxite?

No, you cannot eat bauxite because it is a mineral and is not eatable. ( is eatable even a word?)

What is the white eatable inside of the coconut called?

The white eatable inside of a coconut is the coconut meat.

Are bugs eatable?


Are sharks eatable?


Is eatable a word?


Is coral eatable?

Not by humans.

What is eatable in Portuguese?


Are olives nuts eatable?


Do people eat Sunfish?

I have never heard of a sunfish, but people eat anything that is an eatable food- and it sounds eatable.

How long does Feta cheese stay eatable if unopened?

it will be eatable until the experation date check the lid or bag. --thanks

What is the difference between eatable and edible?

"Edible" is something that could be eaten."Eatable" is something that is tasty,something good to eat.

Are oak leaves eatable?

yes they are eatable. but you have to check wich one you eat or ask a parent because some are poisonous.

Are all chicken eggs eatable?

Yes Chicken Eggs are eatable if you cook them first if not they can be poison and can make you sick or it can kill you.

Was Abraham Lincoln's booty eatable?

Yes, it tastes very good and is juicy! 100/10

What part of the kangaroo is eatable?

the belly.

Are birds eatable?

yes they are all of them

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