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Q: What software will clear a virus where a red x appears by clock at bottom right if you tried ad-adaware which detects viruses but does not get rid of them completely?
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What is the purpose of pop up blocker software?

What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software? It detects and removes spyware.It detects and removes viruses.It prevents the display of advertisement windows.It removes unwanted e-mail.

Why do an installed software gets uninstalled upon restarting the computer?

If software is not installed properly, and operating system detects. It uninstalls the software to keep integrity of itself.

What is ca antivirus and is it a trustworthy software?

The CA Antivirus software is a reliable and trustworthy software that detects and removes viruses as well as protects you from any spyware that may be present.

What Is The Avg Software Used For?

AVG Software is anti-virus and internet security software developed by AVG Technologies, and commonly used on Windows operating system. The software provides a firewall, and detects malware and spam.

What does an antiespias do?

Antiespias software (anti-spyware in English) detects and eliminates spyware and malware on a computer.

Antivirus software detects a known virus by looking for distinguishing characteristics called?

Virus Signatures

What detects and corrects physical and logical problems on a hard drive?

well, the software and the fix the problems automatically...there are settings on automatic software settings that allow you to make adjustments automatically on your computer

What detects airplanes in the air?

what detects airplane in air

What do you look for in a url to be sure the webpage is safe?

As far as i know the URL has nothing to do with the safety of the website. Unless you mistype the Website's URL and are lead to a fake version of the website you are completely safe. Now days some web browsers like Google Chrome will tell you if the web page is unsafe. I would recommend you get virus software. Most virus software detects unsafe web pages.

What car can tell you when you are sleepy and a cup of coffee appears?

That is the Volvo Driver Alert System it doesn't know when you are "sleepy" but detects lane drift and lane changes.

What is the organ that detects heat in snakes?

for a student in highschool your teacher will probably call it a "pit" but in the higher level of education i'm not completely sure or the full answer

What are the ten advantages of antivirus software?

Advantages: It detects known viruses. Disadvantages: Malware writers will always have the upper hand on antivirus companies.

What are two stimuli skin detects?

it detects: Heat and Cold.some other stimuli the skin detects are: Roughness, smoothness, and pain.

Is a touch screen a computer software?

Nope - it's hardware. The screen incorporates a special layer that detects whens someone touches it.

How does the dousing machine work Pokemon platinum?

The dousing machine detects any hidden objects that cannot be seen.If you tap the dousing machine and a dot appears, that means there is a hidden object.

2002 Jeep liberty - picture of engine appears on dashboard - what does it mean?

That is the check engine light. It comes on when the engine computer detects an emissions related failure and sets a trouble code.

How does brain detects pain?

Brain detects pain by sending messages to the nerves system

Why is it important to constantly update antivirus soft ware?

Updating your anti-virus software constantly downloads the most recent definitions, ensuring your program detects the most recently released malware and viruses. Most anti-virus software programs do this automatically.

What structure detects the stimulus in the reflex action?

The reflex arc detects the stimulus in the reflex action.

What is the malwarebytes software good for?

Malwarebytes is a downloadable PC application that scans for and detects malware or virus threats on a computer. Malwarebytes notifies the user of threatening files and offers to delete them.

What is a compiler software?

A Compiler is a device, or program, that takes all the code from a project you have created in an IDE or editing software, and compiles it into a executable .exe or .jar file. It gathers the languages syntax and detects warnings and errors also, depending on your IDE or editor.

What is the nature of the stimuli detected by the gustatory and olfactory?

The gustatory detects taste, and the olfactory detects smell.

Which instrument detects earthquakes?

A seismometer detects the earthquake vibrations that the seismograph records.

What kind of cell detects a stimulus?

the structure detects the stimulus which means the receptor and the neurones will activate

What is an infrared telescope?

a telescope that detects electromagnetic waves in the infra-red part of the spectrum. it detects heat of of stars

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