What soil problems might empty fields cause?

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The left overs left behind in the soil as irrigated water for farming evaporates, which makes the soil water have a higher osmotic content for the plants. A higher concentration of solutes means there is a lower amount of water. Therefore, more water will run/diffuse out of the plants cells right into the soil rather than the amount of water that runs/diffuses into the plant cells. The plant cell will lose water and shrink, weakening the plant. This is very bad for crops and will be a major factor in up to billions of dollars worth of loss in crops because the plants either have a lower food output, and/or have a lower chance to survive because of lower water content. As the years go on, this will be another issue humanity has to face if it wants to survive.
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Answer: Yes it will. It might cause issues with most plants of the Earth.However,the chance of that happening without some sort of explosion or something is extremely low. (alternate answer) Yes, soil erodes, and washes away, and the loss of soil is a problem for agriculture.

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If water is dumped into a field where does it empty?

Some of it will evaporate, and some will seep into the earth to become part of the water table. Any that runs off will join the general drainage area and become part of a stream, river, lake etc.

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words to describe an empty field: . vacant . bare . desolate . barren . desserted . blank . underutilized . vast wasteland . stark . lifeless . vacuos . infertile

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What problems can soil erosion cause?

It can cause soil leaching where many of the important minerals etc. are washed away. It can also undermine foundations of structures and large trees which can result in collapse.

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What are some problems with soil?

there are all kinds of problems with, and that's why we need to take care of it. there is soil erosion, soil pollution, pesticides, nutrition pollution,drought, and mud slide.

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Secondary empty sella (acquired) may be caused by a medical procedure, such as surgery or radiation for a pituitary tumor. Disease or trauma may also reduce the size of the pituitary, or eliminate it completely.

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Why is the problem of soil contamination?

The problem of soil contamination is called "saninization". It's wear when your irragating land, the water may be salted and if your on flat land that salt doesn't go anywhere. It makes the ground less furtile. ~Hope this helped! :)

What problems might water scarcity cause?

Lack of water means you can't grow crops, you would be able tosustain very little industry, disease would be a constant problemdue to lack of hygene, and you would be in peril of dying ofthirst.

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Why are empty spaces in the soil important?

The spaces allow oxygen to reach organisms (such as bacteria and earthworms) living in the soil. It supports aerobic operations, and inhibits anaerobic operations such as fermentation and mold growth. It also allows water (and dissolved nutrients) to flow down to root layers, rather than forming sta ( Full Answer )