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Goof Off will remove that.

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Q: What solvent will remove vinyl border adhesive?
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How do you remove excess vinyl tile adhesive from vinyl tile installed several days ago if you used too much adhesive?

If the adhesive is on top of the tile, scrape as much as you can with a spatula. Then remove residue with the solvent for that adhesive.

How do you glue vinyl to vinyl?

Vinyl adhesive.

How can you remove the adhesive left behind from peel-and-stick vinyl?

Goof Off will do this.

Can you install ceramic floor over vinyl adhesive?

If the vinyl adhesive is hard and has no lumps then you can, but use a compatible adhesive, not thinset cement.

How do you remove vinyl adhesive from clothing?

Try Goo Gone first, then acetone if that doesn't work.

What is the best way to remove peel and stick vinyl tiles?

The best way to remove peel and stick vinyl tiles is with a heat gun. It loosens the adhesive and allows them to be easily removed in one piece.

How do you remove yellowing from vinyl flooring?

yellowing in vinyl usually means the plasticizes in the product have reacted to something ie. water or solvent. this yellowing can not be removed sorry.

What do you use to unstick the regular pool adhesive glue to remove an above the water line old vinyl patch from the vinyl liner in an inground pool?

Cannot be answered without further information. What is the adhesive? Are you under water or dry? Is it a tile or marcite surface? Please asvise

What substances can remove vinyl floor adhesive on a new installation?

My man installs floors. He said Mineral Spirits will remove any residue without damaging your new finish.

How do you remove oil based paint from vinyl trim?

You will have to use a solvent. Try Goof-Off, the water based type might work and will do the least damage to the vinyl trim. All harsh solvents will damage vinyl.

Is there adhesive for hanging decorations on vinyl siding?

Silicone works.

What glue do you use for vinyl wallpaper?

Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive. I know Zinsser makes it, and there are other brands.

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