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When crickets are silent they can be sneaky and get a female. But id a cricket is loud bats and other animals can eat them.

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Q: What some examples of selection at work in this cricket story?
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What are some examples of selection at work in this cricket story?

Selection is evident in the cricket story when the coach chooses the players for the team based on their skills and performance in trials. Additionally, selection occurs when the team captain decides the batting order for a match, taking into account each player's strengths and weaknesses. Finally, selection is highlighted when players are chosen to represent the school in a tournament based on their dedication and commitment to the sport.

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Talent and some money. Of course !

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Some cricket players from the 1960s include Butch White, Frank Misson, Dennis Amiss, and Ian Redpath. Other examples include John Hampshire and Graeme Watson.

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i am struggling

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