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I believe it is Milky Chance.

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Is Logan Henderson drunk?

No!!! Logan Henderson is not DRUNK!!! only if he goes to a club and drinks to much Achole then he'll get drunk

What does your heart started acting like a drunk grasshopper mean?

A grasshopper hops around, and a drunk goes all over the place, so I think it's meant to convey your heart beating wildly.

What is the name of the song that goes like this stuck in her day dream been this way since eighteen?

i think it is the a team by ed sheeren

What happens in the middle of Wednesday wars?

he goes to school and goes out with his teacher. they go to the club. he gets drunk and goes to jail.

What is it called when a dog goes crazy?

Dog Drunk. hahahaa.

What nicknames does The Wanted go by?

The Wanted goes by TW.

What is the principle irony of the drunkard by Frank O'connor?

Larry goes with his father to prevent him from drinking and getting drunk, but it is he who ends up drunk.

What happens when thermostat goes out?

If it's stuck open, no heat. If it's stuck closed, over heat.

How does water get to cells?

It is drunk by the animal or human and goes through its body.

What goes from place to place but is always stuck in a corner?

A Stamp

What to do if your earring goes into your ear and gets stuck?

go to a doctor.

What Charles Baudelaire poem goes something like Get drunk that's all that matters whether with wine or love or virtue as you please?

Be Drunk is the name of the poem.

What nicknames does Josh Roush go by?

Josh Roush goes by Drunk J.

What nicknames does Gert Winckelmans go by?

Gert Winckelmans goes by Abusive Drunk.

Is it possiable for saw the ride thorpe park to get stuck while it goes up?

Yes! Search on youtube for stuck saw!

Does Davis Cleavland play a part in Good Luck Charlie snow show?

Yes he does. I think it is when PJ goes on that high thing that people go on and then jump off it. I think he gets stuck on it with Cleveland too.

What actors and actresses appeared in Drunk Uncle Benny Goes to War - 2013?

The cast of Drunk Uncle Benny Goes to War - 2013 includes: Dashawn Byron as Cthulhu Cortland Cloos as Drunk Uncle Benny Brian Dukes Tom Gore as Harold Debby Olavarria as Alice

Where does small stones goes when in get stuck in your eyes?

in da eyes,,,deerrr

Who is Adrian in Vampire Academy?

He is a drunk. A royal moroi drunk. Who eventually is romantically involved with Rose, but in the last book she breaks his heart and goes back with Dimitri. :(. Sad but good at the same time. I think that Adrian is the best character. badboy, but hes gotta good heart. complex and intrigueing

Does a mosquito get drunk when it bites a drunk human?

Because he loves all that blood and he starts enjoy and enjoying and then boom he gets dizzy and goes zzzz ...... zzzz.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Is Paris Hilton drunk?

Depends when. She does drugs, smokes, drinks nightly. I guess you could say that she's drunk. I mean, it just depends when she's drunk. She probably doesn't get drunk when she drinks a little glass of wine or something, but maybe if she goes wild at the bar with tons of bottles of vodka, I guess she's drunk. So, at most of the bars that have vodka (all of them), she's probably drunk.

What goes Buzz Buzz Hiccup Buzz?

Buzz Buzz Hiccup Buzz is how a drunk bee goes every time it flies home.

If you buy a used car from an individual are they liable if something goes wrong?

no , you are stuck with what you get

What song goes i love you forever forever is over?

Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

Would daisy and armando Eva go out?

i think that they wont cause daisy haz aids nd armando has crabz so i think they shouold stay away before daisy goes phsyco and hits armando with a baseball bat. yea get drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!