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What songs did Amy whinehouse cover at Glastonbry?

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Amy Winehouse lived in the United Kingdom.

No Amy did not have a sister. Amy had one brother and his name is Alex.

Cookies........lots of cookies..........

Amy whinehouse Elvis presly

people say it was because she was very unhappy

Amy whinehouse was in a school in north London called ASHMOLE secondary school .

Winehouse. Yes, British, born in Enfield, north London.

on july 23, 2011. she died because of alcohole and drug addiction.

Avril Lavinge, Akon, Amy Whinehouse, Amy Duffy and that's all I can think of 4 the moment. Soz

She was too depressed and took drugs while the depression and drank kokane and then died

Owing to her death, it may be a bit tough for her to get a singing gig.

Adele is often compared to Amy Whinehouse though she did work with the Beatles and Bob Marley

she was druggie and she was druggie when she FINALLY died and now she is druggie forever in everybody memories

It is so simple! just do something bad so you are shore that you will go to the hell and then make suicide!

Nope, it's a model, I don't know her name.

Awnser:Yes, Amy Whinehouse has actually written an autobiography. She wrote it quite afew years ago so you might not remember it. Always happy to help!

She naturally is a brunette but she went blonde after, during an interview, a reporter thought she was Amy Whinehouse.

She is a 13 year old singer from London. She sings Aint no mountain High enough .... Her godmother is Amy Whinehouse

Lady Gaga changed her brunette hair to blonde because she was being mistaken for Amy Whinehouse.

Amy has written most of the bands songs

Angelina jolie Amy whinehouse Alba, jessica Andre agassi akon Allen, Tim ann hathaway

not anymore.She used to be brunnette / black but bleached her hair blonde because she got confused with Amy whinehouse

There isn't really any rock and roll women. The only person I can think of is Amy Whinehouse.

Im not sure of ALL of them but i know amy whinehouse died , soz i dont know much of them hope i helped anyway :D

Amy Winehouse had 2 album's each one had 12 songs on it so she had 24 songs

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