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What songs did will smith make?

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"Wild wild west" "just the two of us" "Gettin jiggy with it"

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How many songs did Willow Smith make?


How many songs did Willow Smith and Jaden Smith establish?

they made three songs as far as i know

How many songs does will smith sang?

119 songs in all :)

How many songs does Will Smith have?

She has one

How many songs did Will Smith sing?

Willow Smith She Made 2 Songs So Far ''Whip My Hair and 21st Century''

Where can you download Willow Smith songs?

I'm pretty sure you can download some Willow Smith songs on either iTunes or something. =)

Does Jade Smith and Willow Smith have a common song?

they rite songs about there selfs

Who helped Willow Smith write her songs?

jaden smith helpd her lol

How many songs did Bessie Smith record?

She recorded 160 songs in her career.

When was Connie Smith Sings Great Sacred Songs created?

Connie Smith Sings Great Sacred Songs was created in 1966-06.

Does Willow Smith have 5 songs?

im not trying to be rude but no!the only songs she (willow smith)has is whip my hair and 21st century girl.

Did Willow Smith wright her songs?

some of them

How did Willow Smith get Nicki Minaj on some of her songs?

Willow Smith can contact fellow celebrities, such as Nicki Minaj to guest star onto her songs.

Has Willow Smith made 3 songs?

she had made more than 3 songs

How many songs did Willow Smith make - answer 2?

On3 sonq !ts call3d Wh!p my Ha!r

What kind of music does Willow Smith sing?

willow smith sings all kinds of songs

How many songs do Willow Smith have?

she has 2 songs ( whip my hair and 21st century girl)

What are good clean rap songs?

anything by will smith

What are some really clean rap songs?

Will Smith

What does Willow Smith enjoy best?

here songs

How many songs has Will Smith wrote?

one song

What are some upbringings about Willow Smith?

she has 4 songs

Did Willow Smith dead?

Willow Smith did not die, She is still alive composing songs. Here only songs that i know are: Whip my hair 21st Century Girl

Will Smith and Jada kids names?

there kids names are willow smith and jaden smith they both mad songs awsome

What has the author Jessie Lovel Smith Gaynor written?

Jessie Lovel Smith Gaynor has written: 'Songs of the child-world' -- subject(s): Children's songs, School music