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Here are a few

Rock N Roll Fantasy by Bad Company

Rock N Roll Fantasy by the Kinks

Rock N Roll by Kevin Johnson, Terry Jacks and Mac Davis

Rock N Roll is King by ELO

Rock N Roll Soul by Grand Funk

Rock N Roll to the Rescue by The Beach Boys

Rock N Roll Woman by Buffalo Springfield

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Who didn't like rock 'n' roll in 1940?

Rock 'n roll didn't exist in 1940. The first rock 'n roll songs didn't start coming out until the mid-1950s.

What are aerosmith songs about?

sex, drugs, rock n roll.

Did Elvis sing only rock songs?

Elvis not only sang rock N Roll, but he also sang Gospel. You might not have known this because he is mostly famous for the Rock songs, and after all, he is the King of Rock N Roll

What were songs about in 1960?

Sex, Drugs, Women, And Rock 'N' Roll obviously!

What rock 'n' roll songs were there in the 1940s?

There were no rock 'n' roll songs in the 1940s. The birth of rock 'n' roll music happened in the mid-1950s. Rock 'n Roll is held to have been born when Rock Around the Clock became the national #1 in June of 1955. But there was plenty of Proto-Rock in the Late Forties. Check out Wynonie Harris, he was probably the best of the bunch. And the Proto-Rock of the early Fifties, like Jackie Branston, The Crows, and The Chords, is quite good, and well worth a listen.

Where did rock 'n' roll music get its name?

Three song's title, "Rock and Roll" were recorded in the late 1940's. It the sound that was used in these songs that later gave the definition to "Rock 'n' Roll" music Legendary disc jockey Alan Freed (aka "Moondog") is credited with coining the term "rock & roll."rock n' roll was one of the many synonyms for sex in the 1940's

What are great rock n roll songs?

Stairway to Heaven cerainly has to be on any list of all-time greatest songs

What are the top ten acdc songs?

As a fan of AC/DC, I would recommend listening to these songs: -Highway to Hell -Rock N Roll Train -Thunderstruck -Back In Black -Black Ice -Let There Be Rock -For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) -Hells Bells -It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll) -Big Jack It really is a personal preference, I just find these songs are the best ones from one awesome, legendary Rock 'n' Roll band.

How do you put songs on Guitar Hero?

On guitar hero one it is "I Love Rock N' Roll"

What is the new song featuring Evidence?

The Songs name that Is featuring Evidence isrock N roll

Where did rock n roll start?

Rock n Roll started in America. Elvis Presley brought rock n roll to the masses during the 1950s.

Example of rock n' roll?

This is my favorite example of rock'n'roll: The Baseballs. They are a rock and roll band, that plays mostly covers of new and popular pop and rock songs, but with the style of 50's and 60's rock and roll.

Who is The King of Rock 'n' Roll?

Elvis Presley is the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

When was Rock 'n' Roll with Me created?

Rock 'n' Roll with Me was created in 1974-09.

Where was rock n' roll created?

Rock N Roll was started In Philadelphia.

Why is rock n roll so jumpy?

its just the nature of rock n roll.

Why is rock 'n' roll called rock 'n' roll?

Rock 'n' roll is about fun, dancing, and teenage angst. I know, I was there. Actually, back in the 1950's and prior to this the term " Rock and Roll " was used among the African - American as a slang term for sex. Many R & B songs in the 30's and 40's make reference to this fact, and this is why to this day sex is such a main stream in our popular music, or what we have come to know as ROCK AND ROLL!

What Was Buddy Holly a famous for?

Buddy was a Rock n Roll innovator. He wrote most of his own songs and was involved in their production. He was also one of the first to use strings in Rock n Roll music. His most famous songs were That'll be the Day and Peggy Sue.

What were the four rock n roll songs by Elvis presley?

Hound Dog. Jailhouse Rock. Suspicious Minds. Promise Land.

Is hound dog rock and roll?

It is considered one of the greatest Rock 'N' Roll songs of all time. It was listed at number 19 on Rolling StoneMagazine's 500 Greatest songs of All Time, the highest of Elvis's 11 songs on the list.

When was Rock 'n' Roll Star created?

Rock 'n' Roll Star was created in 1994.

When was Rock 'n' Roll Rebel created?

Rock 'n' Roll Rebel was created in 1983.

When was Rock 'n' Roll Revue created?

Rock 'n' Roll Revue was created in 1955.

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