The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys, an American rock band consisting of three brothers, a cousin and a friend. They began in 1961 and by the mid 60s were extremely popular and many referred to them as America’s Band. All questions about the band members, their lives, history and music can be found here.

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The Beach Boys

Sail on sail on sailor by what band?

1973, The Beach Boys, album "Holland", actual title = "Sail On, Sailor".

The Beach Boys

What movie is good vibrations by the beach boys from?

Vanilla sky

The Beach Boys

Are Ann and Nancy Wilson related to any of the Beach Boys?


The Beach Boys

Is Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart related to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys?

No; there is no relation.

The Beach Boys

How do you find the song Water by the Beach Boys?

The song is called Cool, Cool Water and was originally released on the 1970 album Sunflower. It was intended to be part of the 1967 Smile project, but that album of course was scrapped until Brian Wilson revived it nearly 40 years later. Sunflower is available as a reissued CD, and can be purchased at most online music sources. has used copies available at discount, and these are fully guaranteed. You can also preview the song on amazon or most of the other services, to be sure it is the song you have in mind. The recent Smilerelease by Brian Wilson has "elements" of the song, but likely not the version you have in mind. One other song you might be thinking of is Don't Go Near the Water which is found on 1972's Surf's Up LP. All of these CDs are strongly recommended if you are a Beach Boys fan.

The Beach Boys

What is the name of the all girl band who were daughters of the Mamas Papas and the Beach Boys?

Wilson Phillips. I'm rather embarrassed to know that; they were not very good.The band name was a combination of the girls' last names, as they were daughters of Brian Wilson and John& Michelle Phillips. The band's members were Wendy Wilson andCarnie Wilson, and Chynna Phillips. Chynna Phillips has had more success as a model, and Carnie Wilson is famous for broadcasting her bariatric surgery on the internet. In case you love their music, they reunited and released an album called California in 2004.

The Beach Boys

How many number one hits did the Beach Boys have?


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The Beach Boys

What is the song in the Jeep 2007 commercial Have Fun Out There?

Jeep commercial by xotrexSunshine by Jonathan Edwards
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The Beach Boys

What was the difference between the beach boys and the beatles?

the difference was the Beatles had an early pop style and the beach boys had more of the stereotypical Californian style.

The Beach Boys

What movies have you heard the Beach Boys Don't Worry Baby?

Nevver been kissed with drew barrymore

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The Beach Boys

What age were the beach boy members when they first become a group?

At the time of their first record ("Surfin'", 1961), these were the members of the Beach Boys and their ages.

Mike Love - 20

Brian Wilson - 19

Al Jardine - 18

Dennis Wilson - 16

Carl Wilson - 14

David Marks - 13

As of today, June 20th 2008:

Mike Love - 67

Brian Wilson - 66

Al Jardine - 65

Bruce Johnston - 63

Dennis Wilson - 63

Carl Wilson - 61

David Marks - 60

Their first album " Surfin " 1961

The Beach Boys

What are the ages of the beach boys?


The Beach Boys

What instruments did The Beach Boys play?

The Beach Boys

Who sings lead on the beach boys song wouldn't it be nice?

The lead vocals were sung by Brian Wilson. Mike Love sang the lead vocals on the bridge and end tag.

The Beach Boys
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The Beach Boys

How many million sellers did the beach boys have?

There are various answers to this question, including the usual, really stupid one that says TWO -- Good Vibrations which was awarded a RIAA gold disc in December 1966, and I Get Around which was awarded a RIAA gold disc in 1982, 18 years after it was released.

But Capitol had a policy of not awarding gold discs for singles, unless they were for the Beatles. In 1963 Surfin' USA was assessed as the no.1 selling single of the year by Billboard - and it didn't sell a million

Within weeks of release of Sloop John B in May 1966 it was greeted by the most authoritative observers at the 11th Beach Boy single to sell a million in the US. In March 1970 when they were about to tiur New Zeakland and Australia, they were advertised to have 30 million-selling singles, obviously a worldwide total. I would put the US total to date at 22, and world total at 32.

The Beach Boys

When did the beach boys record 409?

April 19, 1962.

The Beach Boys

Where does brian Wilson from the beach boys live?

He moved to the Chicago suburbs in the 1990s, after living most of his life in southern California.

The Beach Boys

Why did the Beach Boys write Kokomo?

"Kokomo" was written by John Phillips, Scott McKenzie, Mike Love and Terry Melcher and recorded by The Beach Boys in 1988. It was released as a single in July 1988 by Elektra Records and became a No. 1 Hit in the United States, Japan and Australia. The single was released to coincide with the release of the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, and its subsequent soundtrack. It was nominated in the Grammy Award category: Best Song written specifically for a Motion Picture or Television in 1988. The song was originally recorded as a demo by Mike Love and Terry Melcher. Disney executives insisted that the song be recorded by the Beach Boys to be included in the movie soundtrack. All of the Beach Boys at the time participated except for Brian Wilson.

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The Beach Boys

What was the back street boys first big hit in music?

Back Street's Back

The Beach Boys

Who are the Beach Boys?

Just north of Hollywood and Vine, the studios at capitol records have been used by Frank Sinatra, Green Day, Sam Smith & this band, who recorded their “Surfin’ Safari” album in the tower.

The Beach Boys

What is name of the band from the nineties 2 female members who's fathers were members of the beach boys?


The Beach Boys

What are the names of The Beach Boys number one hit songs?

These are the U.S. #1 singles.... "I Get Around" - 1964 "Help Me, Rhonda" - 1965 "Good Vibrations" - 1966 "Kokomo" - 1988 California Girls- Good Vibrations- Surfin Safari- Fun, Fun, Fun- Surfer Girl- Don't Worry Baby- Little Deuce Coup- Sloop John B- God only knows-In my room- Do you wanna dance- Do it again- I can hear music- Heroes and Villains- When I grow up to be a man- Darlin- Barbara Ann- Be true to your school- Surfin USA- I get around- Dance,Dance, Dance- and -Wouldn't it Be Nice.

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The Beach Boys

Who is older the Beach Boys or Beatles?

The beach beatles

The Beach Boys

Is Ann Wilson's father Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys?

Carnie and Wendy are his daughters.


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