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King Tutankhamun

What sort of a ruler was Tutankhamun?

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He was a young non-important leader of Egypt, he didnt do much during his reign and most likely his generals helped him with his decisions and his unfortunate death??

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What sort of ruler was King Tutankhamun?

He wasn't a very strong ruler though he helped Egypt quite a lot.

Was King Tutankhamun a good ruler?

King Tutankhamun died far to young to be a good ruler. He also was not in good health.

How old was Tutankhamun when he became ruler?


What kind of ruler was tutankhamun?

Tutankhaum was a good ruler because he reintroduced the Gods.

Was Tutankhamun the same as tuthmosis 3?

No. They are two different rulers. Tuthmosis III was the 5th ruler of the 18th dynasty and Tutankhamun was the 12th ruler in the 18th dynasty.

What type of ruler was King Tutankhamun?

a fat 1

Was King Tutankhamun an evil ruler of Egypt?

No he wasn't.

When did Tutankhamun become ruler?

He became a ruler at age 9 a few years after his father died

Is King Tutankhamun famous because he was the youngest ruler?


Who was the ruler of Sumer at the time of that King Tutankhamun ruled?

It is unknown

Was King Tutankhamun related to Aphrodite?

No, no he was not. Aphrodite being an ancient Greek goddess and King Tutankhamun being a mortal Egyptian ruler.

Was King Tutankhamun a bad ruler?

He was a teenager advised by people with their own agendas.

What sort of ruler King Arthur was?

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Is King Tutankhamun the youngest ruler?

King tut was one of the youngest rulers ever.

How old was King Tutankhamun when he became ruler?

King Tut was 10 years old.

Who is the famous ruler of ancient Egypt whose tomb contained a golden bed?


Was King Tutankhamun the ruler of Egypt?

Yes he was. He became a Pharaoh when he was 7 and died when he was 17.

When did King Tutankhamun become ruler?

1333 BC and ruled until 1323 BC King Tut became ruler because he was heir to the throne.

Was there a younger ancient egyptian ruler then king tutankhamun?

No, he was th youngest at the age of 17-19.

What was King Tutankhamun good for as ruler?

It depends, everyone has a different opinion about king tut some say people thought he was the best ruler some people said he should have not been a ruler at all.

What is a palindrome that means king or ruler?

Shahs (plural of Shah) Tut (Egyptian King Tutankhamun) Aga

Who is a famous ruler of ancient Egypt whose tomb contained a golden bed?

Tutankhamun that is so easy

Was King Tutankhamun a great ruler?

king tut was not around in our day but from what we know. we believe he was a great king.

What was King Tut king of?

King Tutankhamun was ruler of Ancient Egypt during the mid 1300's B.C.E.

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