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What sort of government did the Mound Builders have?


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No one knows. There is nothing left of them but the mounds. they were gone before Europeans reached North America.


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there government was a theocracy

how did the mound builders survive

the mound builders commancated in spainnsh

I might be able to answer in more depth later, but for now I know that Mound builders had a lineal government meaning that it was passed down through family members.

The Mound Builders live in Ohio.

what is mound builders jewery meant for

my answer is builders mound

We do not know for sure, but the presence of the mound would indicate that it would likely have been the focus of some sort of ritual.

yes Mound Builders made things............

the mississippians are mound builders and they are the last of the mound builders in the usa

The mound builders lived in the eastern part of the U.S.

The Mound Builders cruised to tokyo, Japan

The mound builders had no caste system.

The ancient mound builders were very skilled professionals.The archaeological site gives important insight into the lives of mound builders.

The mound builders most likely had the bow and arrow, a mace (a club), and the atlatl. A atlatl was a speared that was accompanied with a tool (atlatl) to leverage the spear for more power and ultimately distance.

Houses of the Mound Builders are called Longhouses. im confused what is it lol

Mound builders spoke in a language of what is called Indian English.

The Mound Builders built great Mounds like the Monk's Mound which was over 100 ft tall,

It is believed that many of the Mound Builders fell victim to disease. This occurred when the Conquistadors arrived. They brought with them diseases that the Mound Builders could not fight off.

They were important because the mound builders used them for burial chambers and temples, and religion was an important part of the mound builders culture.

The Mound Builders lived in a lean-to.The Mound Builders lived in a lean-to.They also lived in flat pyramids it would be a 4 room house.

the mound builders ate bison,fish,berries,and elk.

the mound builders made mounds for barieals and other things like weddings.

I believe the mound builders came across America in the early 1900s.

The Mound Builders built mounds of earth and stone

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