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A Fender Jazz guitar is an electric Bass Guitar created by Leo Fender. It is also known as the Jazz Bass or J Bass and was the second model of electric bass guitar that Fender created.

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What bass guitar does Zack merrick play?

an American fender jazz bass

What kind of bass guitar does Zack Merrick have?

a black fender American jazz bass.

What bass guitar does D'arcy Wretzky of the Smashing Pumpkins play?

Usually she plays a Fender Jazz, but also plays a Fender Precision occasionally.

What is a good 5 string bass guitar that is under 500 but not a fender since I already own a 4 string fender jazz?

Since you already have a 4-string Fender jazz guitar, you should look at a Rickenbacker 4003 Bass. Rickenbacker makes good 5-string bass guitars that are under $500.

What guitars are famous for fender guitar company?

The famous Stratocaster is perhaps one of the most prominent, well known, and cultivated guitar Fender has created. However, among the Stratocaster there is the Jaguar, Telecaster, Mustang, and Jazz Master. Of course, there are variations of these, assuredly both by Fender and other distinctive Guitar brands, they are worldly appreciated guitar all dealt from the hands of Fender.

What is the value of a 1966 Fender Jazz Bass guitar?

About 10 million dollars, but that's a rough estimate.

Where might one purchase a Fender Jazz bass guitar?

One can purchase a Fender Jazz bass guitar from the following stores: Musician's Friend, Ultimate Guitar, Guitar Centre, eBay, Amazon, Zzounds, Music Radar, American Music Supply, Same Day Music, Music 123, Tiger Direct, to name a few. Prices start from $499.

What guitar did Duff McKagan play?

duff usually would use a fender jazz bass special and is white

When and Where did Hendrix burn his guitar?

He burned his White Fender stratocaster at the Monterey Jazz festival on June 18, 1967.

Will the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar hold up to an eight year old?

The fender Jazz Bass is a quality product. as long as there is no diliberate miss use, the bass and an eight year old should hold up just fine.

Is the Fender Jazz Bass Guitar a good choice for a beginner?

It may not be the best as it is different in tone from the standard precission base.

When was Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass created?

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass was created in 2004.

Who built the first electric guitar?

The first electric guitar was built in the very early years of the 20th century. It iwas originally for Jazz and was simply an acoustic with eloctromagnetic transducers in it. The first commercialized guitar for public use is said to be the fender Esquire ,obviously built by fender.

What sort of music does the guitar play?

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Metal, Classical, Funk etc. You can pretty much play almost every genre of music on the Guitar, and it depends on what sort of Guitar you play.

How much does a Fender standard jazz bass cost?

A Fender Standard Jazz bass that was made in America costs about $1150. A Fender Standard Jazz that was not made in America costs about $480.

What guitar did gavin rossdale play in the swallowed music video?

He plays a fender Jazz Master, with humbucker pickups. Not sure about which year. You can tell by the amount of switches on the body and how they are positioned. It looks like the 'same' guitar he plays in the glycerine video, but its not. The guitar he plays in that video is a Fender Jaguar.

What fender does paul McCartney play?

Fender Jazz Bass & Fender Esquire

What is a good bass guitar that's about 350-400 dollars?

I would recommend a fender jazz bass what a great bass it is

Which pickguard fits the fender classic 70's jazz bass?

All fender jazz pickguards fit any fender jazz bass, vintage or brand new, it does not matter.

What year was the fender guitar modelf240a?

S THE fENDER gUITAR MODEL f-240a made?

Can you put Fender guitar strings on a guitar that isn't Fender brand?

no any other brand of guitar will self-destruct because it can't handle the awesomeness of fender strings

What can the serial number for a Fender guitar be used for?

The serial number on a Fender guitar can, in combination with other information, tell you a pretty acurate age of the Fender guitar. This information can be usefull to collectors and varify the authenticity of the guitar.

Can a guitar play jazz music?

Yes, there are hundreds of jazz guitar players.

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