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Fairy Tales often feature archetypal characters such as princesses, princes, witches, wizards, heroes, and magical beings like fairies and dragons. These characters typically possess exaggerated qualities of good or evil and are often involved in fantastical adventures or quests.

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The whimsical hats & exaggerated silhouettes of the 1800's seem to be influenced by fairtales - the very feminine shape (small waist, large bust) and elaborate decoration are fantastical, like fair tales.

I think fairy tales have the biggest influence on formalwear at the moment. Teenage magazines talk about have a fairytale-perfect prom, and Haute Couture designer Franck Sorbier's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection featured a dress based on Peau D'Ane, a well-known french fairy tale.

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Fairy tale people wear whatever the author wants them to. This is because fairy tales are fictional and the author can decide what they wear and what they look like.

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Fairy tales usually consist of princes, princesses, dwarves, fairies, giants and witches.

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Q: What sort of people do you often find in a fairy tale?
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