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Magnets can separate aluminum, nickel, and i think steel, but I'm not sure

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What can magnets separate?

Magnets can separate metal from garbage and iron ore from sand.

How magnets attract?

magnetic substances are the other substances

How do you use magnets?

you can use magnets to separate iron from sand.

What do magnets attract?

ferrous substances

How do you separate iron powder and salt?


How do you separate insoluble substances from a liquid?

Filtration is the process used to separate insoluble substances from a liquid,

How does magnetic separation work?

when 2 substances are separated by magnets

How are magnets and electromagnets the same?

both can attract the ferromagnetic substances........

What are the four ways to separate mixtures?

You can dissolve it, separate it out with your hands, evaporate it, or use magnets to separate the iron objects.

What type of substances are magnets attracted to?

Magnets attract Ferromagnetic substances strongly. They contain atoms which don't have any specific direction. When they come under magnetic field, they get direction towards it and get attracted.

What are metals that are attracted to magnets or made into magnets called?

Ferromagnetic metals are attracted to magnets and can be made into permanent magnets. All substances are affected by magnetic fields, but only those strongly affected are considered magnetic.

How do you separate iron nails and brass tacks?

use a magnets

How to Separate paper clips from sugar?

Using magnets or a sieve?

What mixture dose magnets help separate?

Sand and Iron

How are magnets used in compasses?

there is a sort of magnetic field in the north pole, the special magnets inside compasses attract to this, but they also attract to real magnets so watch out!!!

What is a simple way to separate insoluble substances from soluble substances?


On what basis does chromatography separate substances?

On the basis of their solubility in particular substances.

Why do substances separate on chromatography paper?

On the basis of their solubility in particular substances.

How does chromatography help to separate substances?

On the basis of their solubility in particular substances.

Are magnets attracted to carbon?

No, they are not. Magnets are attracted to those substances which possess some magnetic properties.Common examples are like Iron, Nickel etc.

How will you separate iron pins from sand?

What is special about iron filings? Anything with iron in it has this property... magnets are attracted to iron! Magnets do not attract sand. You can use a magnet to separate iron filings from sand.

Do horse shoe magnets have separate poles?

Type your answer here... yes

What do the ores of magnets consist of?

The ores of magnets consist of various elements and substances. The main components are iron ore, lodestone, magnetite and much more.

Where can someone recycle ceramic magnets?

Industrial ceramic magnets otherwise known as large rotating drum magnets, are used by the metal scrap and recycling industries. The magnets are used to separate and process metals. If you are looking to recycle one of these magnets you can find a company that uses them for recycling.

How do magnets separate recycling?

basically, if you have metal and plastic in a recycling bin, the magnets will only draw out the metal. so you are left with just plastic