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Q: What sort of things are illegal on the Internet?
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Is the internet censored in some ways?

There are some things that are illegal on the internet, such as child pornography. Those kinds of things are censored, when they are found by those in law enforcement.

Is LimeWire illagleal?

no limewire is not illegal. but the things you get off it can be i have had my internet shut off for downloading copyright things on limewire

Is there anything illegal to look at on the internet?

There are many things that are illegal to look at on the Internet. Child pornography is totally illegal. Along with that, depending on the jurisdiction, it is illegal to gamble or see pornography.

What is Internet vandalism?

Posting or making stupid website and messing with people and doing illegal things.

Illegal downloading from the internet is no different to theft?

Illegal downloading from the internet is no different to theft?

What is Internet theft?

theft of the internet sort :)

Is iMesh illegal?

Sort of downloading from imesh is legal but redistributing IS illegal

What if you know your husband is during illegal things over the internet but he keeps lying about it?

You just confront him or find proof about it.

Why it is not illegal to download music on the internet?

There are some music that are legal to download on the internet whereas there are others that are illegal. Music that has been shared publicly with no restrictions is usually not illegal to download on the internet.

Is using downloaded games illegal?

it depends where you got them from if you got them from the internet for free then that's illegal but if you got them fromthe internet and you paid for them then they are not illegal

Is internet gambling illegal in some states?

Yes, internet gambling is illegal in some states but allowed in others. Recently, betting on internet poker has become illegal throughout all states.

Why are some torrents illegal on the internet?

Some torrents are illegal on the internet due to copyright issues. Sharing files on the internet that are copyright protected without the copyright holder's express permission is illegal.

What is illegal on the Internet?

Pornography is illegal and and also for school students

Is a R4 illegal?

NO, it is like the internet, although capable of illegal acts, it in itself is not illegal.

Is it illegal to copy and print out someone's personal photo on the internet?

It is illegal to use someone else photo available on internet. 

Is bestiality Illegal to View on the Internet in the Us?

Generally, the only thing that is illegal to view on the internet is pornography involving children.

Is it illegal to download a free book form the internet?

it is not "illeagl" or illegal

Is it illegal to order butterfly knives from the internet to be delivered in New York?

It may not be illegal to order the merchandise via the internet but it IS illegal to possess such a knife in the state of NY.

What sort of information can be accessed on the internet?

what information can be accessed on the internet

Who should you be suspicious of while on the Internet in any social networking site?

Only people with pictures, videos, or writing of illegal things!

Where does illegal downloading occur?


What is illegal to do on the Internet?

Click the 'I am 18' when you are not.

Is it illegal to save a picture from the internet?


Is the internet site movie2k illegal?


What happens if you lie about your age on the internet?

Nothing.It is not illegal to lie about your age on the internet. It is illegal to lie to try to gain certain documents.