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ultrasonic waves help bats to see at night

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Q: What sound waves help Bats to sense obstacles?
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Bats can sense obstacles because they produce which waves?

ultrasonic sound waves

What do bats produce that makes it possible for them to sense obstacles?

Ultrasonic sound waves

Bats can sense obstacles because they produce 1. supersonic sound waves 2. ultrasonic sound waves 3.infrasonic sound waves 4. micro Sound waves?

ultrasonic sound waves

Why bats can sense obstacles?

Yes, bats can sense obstacles. Bats use echolocation to hear and see at night. When the vibrations bounce back, a bat can sense if there are things in the way.

What property of waves do bats rely on?

sound waves

How do bats use sound waves?

coz they can.

Is it true a radar is an instrument that uses radio waves to detect objects?

Like bats do in caves it is a signal sent out and timed so the distance can be measured from the reflected sound waves or in this case radio waves that bounce off any objects or obstacles.

Which kinds of sound waves can be produced by bats?

Bats produce high frequency (also known as ultrasonic) sound waves, which they use as a type of sonar, to locate insects in the air.

What sort of sound waves do bats use?

Well bats use echo waves. These waves help them to know where everything is because bats are blind. See if you where standing there he would know your there with Eco waves with out actually seeing you

Which animal has best sense of sound?

Bats of Course :)

How do mega bats communicate?

they use sound waves that mean somthing

Where do bats send sound waves?

In a cave at a frequency of 42,000 Hz