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she sweeks and hoots

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Q: What sounds do female guinea pigs make when and before she has babies?
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What part of the day do guinea pigs have babies?

Guinea pigs, most likely have their babies during the night. I know that when I had my pregnant guinea pig, I kept her in my room until she had babies. She woke me in the middle of the night with her sounds while giving birth.

Why cant the male hamster be with the female and babies?

The male hamster might deside to eat the babies. It sounds funny, but it is true. XO

What sounds do 3-6 month old babies make?

3-6 month old babies make some interesting sounds that are not exactly meaningful. These are the sounds that come before they can start talking fully.

What wild animal in Massachusetts sounds like a guinea pig?

a guinea pig

What sound babies make?

it sounds like crying babies

How does a guinea pig communicate?

By squeeking and chattering and many other sounds. Look up guinea pig sounds online and there will be some explanations for each sound.

How does a guinea pig make weird sounds?

A guinea pig makes Weird sounds by vibrating its vocal cords like any other living thing does

What sounds can harm a guinea pig?

Any loud sounds like a child screaming or crying a car in the garage or a big bang from droping some thing these sounds will scare you guinea pig and might even give them a heart attack, but most guinea pigs get use to the sounds and they dont freak out as much

What does it mean when a male guinea pig coos?

Generally speaking, all guinea pigs (male and female) make different sounds to indicate happiness, or distress. A coo is typically a good sound in the guinea pig world, as a piggie in distress will make a very shrill shreiking whistle.

Why guinea pigs constantly yap?

Guinea pigs are a very vocal pet. They make sounds to let you know how they are feeling. They communicate with sounds, and let you know what they want.

Can a male guinea pig turn into a female?

NO!! when that seems to happen, your guinea pig is female one day and male the next, its nothing more than the fact that male and females' private places are similar. When I tried to figure the gender of my baby guinea pigs, it took a while, but male guinea pigs always make chattering sounds and wobble back and forth on hind legs while sniffing the females rear end.

Sounds pigs make?

guinea pigs squeak,and purr.

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