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They Oink ,Grunt,and Squeal

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Sounds pigs make?

guinea pigs squeak,and purr.

What sound do guinea pigs make when their fighting?

Guinea pigs make strange sounds... Sort of like unhappy squeaking mixed with a screech.

Why guinea pigs constantly yap?

Guinea pigs are a very vocal pet. They make sounds to let you know how they are feeling. They communicate with sounds, and let you know what they want.

What type of sounds do guinea pigs make?

Wheeking, Chuttering, Rumble, Shrieking

Do male guinea pigs make purring sounds too?

All Guinea pigs make meeping/purring sounds. I have two girls and two boy guineas (in separate hutches) and you can hear the boys talking to the girls and vica versa

Do guinea pigs grow into pigs?

No, the only similarities between the two is that the noise guinea pigs make sounds similar to a pig's. The other similarity is that when guinea pigs walk it's just like how a pig walks.

Do pigs talk?

Only to other pigs. Different animals have different sounds that they make for different reasons. They signal food, warnings, threats and so on. No, but they do snort.

Do guinea pigs make noise when they are happy?

Yes. Guinea pigs make all sorts of sounds. Sometimes when you feed them their favorite veggie they will make a sound that sounds alot like a cat purring. Some guinea pigs will also do this when they are being petted. This sound means they are happy. They also make a similar sound with they are displaying to a mate or before they fight. This is called rumblestruting, so make sure you don't get the two confused!

How do guinea pigs squeak?

They have vocal cords as humans do, and make a wide array of sounds, most of them high-pitched.

What sounds do guinea pigs make?

haha awww guinea pigs my cousins have two of them and they make cute squeaking noises kinda like "wheek wheek" noises. They remind me of squeaky piggy noises. :D

Is there something wrong if guinea pigs make loud sounds?

If it randomly starts making loud sounds and there is no reason why - it is hurt, scared ect. - then there is probably something wrong.

Your Guinea pigs are chattering at each other should you be worried?

The website linked below has recordings of the sounds guinea pigs make and tells what emotion each sound is expressing.

Why do guinea pigs make a tutting noise?

If its teeth are chattering, it is saying "Back off". If it sounds like it is purring, it is happy.

Are guinea pigs noisy?

Guinea pigs make various sounds depending on the situation. They purr when they are happy and content. They squeal softly when they want attention or a treat. They squeal loudly when frightened. They click their teeth when they are angry. guinea pigs do make alot of nosies and they are so cute when they make noises but they do get annoying but DON'T HURT THEM

How do pigs talk?

Pigs talk to one another by making a sound that sounds to us like an 'oink'.

How do you understand your guinea pig?

yes, you can understand your guinea pigs on how it squeals you can check what type of sounds they make on this site http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/guineapigsounds.html

How does a pig snort?

The noises that pigs make are their method of communication with one another and with humans. They make the noises with their voice boxes, and scientists believe they have a large number of different sounds they are able to make.

What noise do guinea pigs make?

your guinea pig when she/he is happy she will either whistle, hum, or purr. She will also make cry sounds when she is scared and if she is scared she will also chatter her teeth.

What is the definition of squeal?

A squeal is a high-pitched abrasive sound. The word is used to describe the high-pitched sounds pigs and children make. It can also be used for mechanical sounds, such as the sound of rubber tires trying to get traction, or high-pitched engine sounds.

How do guinea pigs talk?

by making little squeaking/chirping sounds.

Are Guinea pigs loud?

Only when hungry, anticipating food, communication, or for some other reason, they make an audible noise that sounds like a "Week!"

Do peanuts make guinea pigs fat?

no they do not make guinea pigs fat !

How do guinea pigs make their nests?

Guinea pigs don't make nests

When guinea pigs make weird sounds is it bad?

it depends....... if it is making noises it is either annoyed and wants to be alone or it is ill or has hurt somewhere on its self or it is in pain........

Do animals alwyas make sounds?

Animals do make sounds but it's not all of the animals that make sounds.

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