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Q: What source of water supplies wells and springs?
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What is the name for the water springs in Cancun?

The name is cenote or water wells.

What are the 5 water source?

Water can be derived from lakes, rivers, wells, oceans (through desalination plants) and glaciers (through melting). And springs. But maybe we can include springs as a kind of well, provided by nature. So that's five.

Name examples of underground water sources?

Underground water sources include:Wells: dug wells (shallow) and bored wells (deep)Springs: Artesian springs and surface springsSeeps such as oases.

What is the name given to a layer of permeable rock that allows the flow of groundwater?

An aquifer is a layer of permeable rock that contains water. It usually conducts groundwater and supplies the water for wells and springs.

How does artesian springs differ from wells?

The water in artesian wells is under pressure - or at least was when the well was dug.

Where does the desert get the water from?

Deserts receive water from rain, snow, rivers, wells, springs.

Where are sources of water in a desert?

Rivers, streams, lakes, wells and springs.

What are the springs that form where pressurized water flows through cracks in cap rock?

The springs that form where pressurized water flows through cracks in cap rock are called Artesian springs. This is the type of spring that feeds drinking wells.

What is the Purpose of the roman aqueducts?

to transport water from wells or springs to roman cities

What is a water source?

A water source is a place from where a person gets their water. Examples are rivers, lakes and wells.

A source of water for many rural homes?


Where does Spain get its water?

They have rivers with large reservoirs and wells as a a water source.