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What spanish food is eaten in north America?


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There are SO many different "Spanish" foods in North America. To the South of North America are all of the "Spanish" countries.

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No; paella is a traditional Spanish food.

North America grows many kinds of food, and imports many, many other kinds of food. Things eaten in anywhere else in the world, are probably eaten in North America, too. Most people here eat some amount of meat, fruit, and vegetables, each day, but there are many different ways of cooking and spicing them. We don't all eat the same things. North America is a big place and holds many different kinds of peoples, with all sorts of different ideas about food.

People in Ontario eat a wide variety of foods, as is normal in all of North America and Western Europe.

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north America is known for its many different cultures and food.

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The Spanish influenced South America with their language, culture, music, food, and general influence over the centuries.

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The staple foods of North and South America are corn and wheat.

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The average spanish family normally eats biscuits with butter and jam with hot chocolate or chocolate milk.

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