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  1. wolves are in the canine family if you mean... there is
  2. eastern timber wolf
  3. arctic wolf
  4. Alaskan tundra wolf
  5. Alexander archlipeglo wolf
  6. Baffin island wolf
  7. Bearnard's wolf
  8. British Colombian wolf
  9. cascade mountain wolf
  10. great plains wolf
  11. Greenland wolf
  12. Hudson bay wolf
  13. interior Alaskan wolf
  14. kenai peninsula wolf
  15. Labrador wolf
  16. Mackenzie tundra wolf
  17. Mackenzie VALLEY wolf
  18. Manitoba wolf
  19. Mexican wolf
  20. Mongolian mountain wolf
  21. Newfoundland wolf
  22. north rocky mountain wolf
  23. south rocky mountain wolf
  24. Texas gray wolf
  25. Vancouver island wolf
  26. common red wolf
  27. Florida red wolf
  28. swamp wolf
  29. Arabian wolf
  30. common gray wolf
  31. Hokkaido wolf
  32. Honshu wolf
  33. Iberian wolf
  34. Iranian wolf
  35. Italian wolf
  36. steppe wolf
  37. Tibetan wolf
  38. tundra wolf
  39. dire wolf
  40. Egpytion wolf
  41. Etiriopian wolf
  42. golden jackal
  43. indiean wolf
  44. manned wolf
  45. thats all i know excuse spelling...

They belong to the Canis Lupus family, dogs also belong to the Canis family, and dogs and wolves can produce offspring.

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There is but a single species of wolf - Canis lupus.

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What are species of wolves?

Some species of wolves are the gray wolves, red wolves, antic wolves and the coyote-wolf hybrid.

What species are gray wolves?

Gray wolves are the species Canis lupus.

What species to wolves belong to?

The wolves belong to the dog species.

Do wolves get along with coyotes or other wolf species?

No, Wolves do not get along with Coyotes or other wolves. Since dogs are like wolves. They don't like staying with tdifferent species No, Wolves do not get along with Coyotes or other wolves. Since dogs are like wolves. They don't like staying with tdifferent species

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

Where did wolves originate?

well it depends on the species, different species of wolves are originated from different areas

Which came first wolves or foxes?

Wolves! Wolves where the first canine species!

What is the species of a pack of wolves?

Whether a single animal or a pack, wolves belong to the species Canus lupus.

Is a gray wolf just a wolf?

There are many species of wolves, red wolves, timber wolves, etc. A grey wolf belongs to these many species.

What kind of animal eats wolves?

nothing. wolves are a dominant species.

Where do the species of wolves live?

in the forest

How long can wolves get?

It depends on the species.

Are wolves and dogs the same species?

they are not

Why is the domestic dog species is canines?

Because wolves are there ancestors and wolves are canines

What hieghts can wolves be?

All sub-species of wolves are different. The largest wolf species which is the Grey wolf can be 80-85cm at the shoulder

Are Arctic wolves on the endangered species list?

No. Arctic wolves are not an endangered species. A subspecies of the gray wolf, which is listed as least concern.

What colors are most wolves said to be?

Gray wolves, the species of wolves we have in the U.S., are a shade of gray, white, or black.

Do wolves live with others or of the same species?

Yes. They live in packs

What breed of wolves are the most dangerous?

Wolves do not have breeds. That term applies only to domestic animals such as dogs, cats, cattle, etc. Wolves are classified by species and subspecies. All species of wolves are equally dangerous.

Which of these choices is a positive consequence of the Endangered Species Act with respect to gray wolves?

The wolves have come back from near extinction.

What wolves are nocturnal?

most types of wolves are nocturnal, but i believe a few species aren't.

Why do dogs all belong to the canine species?

Because they were domesticated from wolves, and wolves are canines.

When were wolves formed?

Depends on the species of wolf.

Which wolf is an omnivore?

Wolves can be omnivores or carnivores, but it depends on which wolf species. Some species like grey wolves, arctic wolves, etc. are omnivores. Some species like red wolves, brown wolves, black wolves, etc. are carnivores. Some wolves are omnivores and some are carnivores, and it depends on which wolf species it is. Smaller wolves with brighter colors are typically omnivores, while bigger wolves with darker colors are typically carnivores. "Carnivore" means than an animal's diet primarily consists of meat, but not completely, and some carnivores might in a happenstance eat some plants, especially if they're careless or if they're starving.

Are foxes and wolves in the same species?

I believe so.

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