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the famous Emperor and the common chinstrap

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What kinds of penguins live on Antarctica?

Of the 17 species of penguins, there are only fourspecies which live at Antarctica: Adelie, Emperor, Chinstrapand Gentoo penguins. The Antarctic is not their only range.

What types of penguins live in the Antarctic?

There are four species of penguins which live at Antarctica: Adelie, Emperor, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins.

Are there only 4 species of penguins that live in Antarctica?

No species of penguin lives in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. Two types of penguins visit Antarctica's beaches to breed: Adelie and Emperor.

What type of penguins live in antarctica?

Of the 21 known species four live in Antarctica: The Adelie, the Macaroni, the Chinstrap and the Emperor.

In antarctica where do penguins live?

Penguins live along the coastline of antarctica

What are the three species of penguins in antarctica?

There are really only two species of penguins that breed in Antarctica: the Emperor and Adelie.

What penguins live on the coast of Antarctica?

The two types of penguins that live on the coast of Antarctica are the Emperor penguins and the Adelie penguins.

Where in the Antarctica does penguins live?

No penguins live in Antarctica: penguins are sea birds. But penguins to come to the Antarctic beaches to breed.

How long could a penguin live in a hot place?

Not all species of penguins live in cold climate of Antarctica. There are at least 10 species of penguins live in temperate region. However, larger sized penguins live in colder regions and smaller penguins live in temperate regions.

Which penguins live in Antarctica?

No penguin lives in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and thrive there based on their access to its food chain. However, during breeding season, you can find Gentoo, Adelie, Emperor, and Chinstrap animals on Antarctica's beaches. They breed there because there are no land predators.

What penguins are found in Antarctica?

there are 4 different species of penguins in Antarctica. adelie, emperor, chinstrap and gentoo penguins

Where do penguins live on the globe?

penguins live in antarctica

What is the most common species in Antarctica?

Adelie penguins are the most common species in Antarctica.

Do penguins live in the arctic or antarctica?

Penguins live in Antarctica. They are found only in the Southern hemisphere.

Where why and how do penguins live in antarctica?

Penguins do not live in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. However, Emperor and Adelie penguins do visit Antarctica's beaches to breed.

Where do most penguins live?

most penguins live in Antarctica

Where do penguins live Antarctic or Antarctica?

Penguins are native to Antarctica and can only be found there. :)

How many penguins are there on Antarctica?

The exact popluation of the penguins of Antarctica would be very hard to find. But surprisingly, only about two of seventeen species of penguins live there. They are the Adelie and Gentoo penguins, so, on the movie Happyfeet, they are inadequently wrong by showing the Rockhopper in the same environment as the others. Most species of penguins live in South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Are emporer penguins the only penguins to live in Antarctica?

No, Adelie Penguins also live on Antarctica. The amazing thing about Emperor Penguins is that they breed in one of the coldest parts of Antarctica, where the temperature can get to -30F!

Why don't live in Antarctica?

Firstly, is this question- 'why don't penguins live in antarctica?' if so, your question is wrong- penguins do live there

What part of Antarctica does a penguin live?

Penguins don't live in Antarctica, but they come to the beaches to breed. Penguins live in the seas.

How many penguins live in the antarctica?

No penguins live in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds that visit Antarctica's beaches during breeding season.

What are the 2 penguins that live in antarctica?

No penguins 'live' in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. Two types of penguins that come to Antarctica's beaches to breed are the Emperor and the Adelie.

Do penguins live in the desert of Antarctica?

Yes, penguins live in the desert of Antarctica. Nearly the entire continent is desert.

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