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Increasing your fluid intake will thin the mucous secretions and make them easier to eliminate via coughing.

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What are recommendations to lessen the improper waste disposal?

Improper waste disposal can be effectively counteracted through recycling. Designated bins help better facilitate the different waste groups. Recycling helps prevent landfill buildup.

What is anti emetic?

drug used to prevent, lessen or stop retching or vomiting..

Are there drugs that women can take to prevent or lessen the effects of osteoporosis?

There are drugs in which women can take to prevent or lessen the effects of osteoporosis. A drug of this type is fosomax, which helps you to harden the bones and prevent the calcium to stop producing as frequently. It also helps with the process of strengthening your bone density.

How do you prevent la Nina?

La Nina is something that naturally occurs in nature. You cannot prevent it from happening. However, there is something that you can do to lessen the impact and make it less severe. Limiting greenhouse gasses will lessen the severity of La Nina.

How can you lessen or prevent disorders of the reproductive system?

avoids STDs and get regular preventive care.

How can you lessen the effects of a tsunami?

we will not throw garbages anywhere,we will plant more trees to not prevent the flood or tsunami,we will not cut more trees anywhere or in the forests to not prevent the tsunami.

How are lasers used to treat retinopathies?

Surgery with lasers can help to prevent blindness or lessen any losses in vision.

How terracing farming method could prevent or lessen erosion of soil?

by planting enough trees and try to reduce deforestation

Why is it important to keep the pH of a swimming pool within normal limits?

to lessen skin irritation and prevent mild poisoning from ingestion

Can you use the word lessen in a sentence?

Lessen the thickness with more water.He decided to lessen the volume.

Lessen in a sentence?

If you dig a hole you lessen

What is the homophone for lessen?

the homophone for lessen is lesson

What are homophones for lessen?

The homophone for lessen is lesson.

What does the first set of shots for puppies do?

Shots (vaccinations) cause the body to create antibodies to against specific diseases in order to prevent (or lessen the severity of) disease when an animal is exposed to a disease causing agent naturally. Puppy shots do the same thing, they help to prevent common diseases in puppies. Puppies need a series of vaccinations in order to help ensure a protective immunity.

What are the measures that can be taken to prevent tsunamis?

tsunamis are caused by massive earthquakes, flooding and other natural disasters (etc) so therefore there is no possible wat that you can prevent a tsunami from happening or lessen the risk of getting one.

What part of speech is the word lessen?

Lessen is a verb.

Advantages of twisted pair cable?

Twisted pair is twisted to prevent (or lessen) crosstalk. That's when electric signals cross over to another wire.

Why do you cut rose bushes at an angle?

Cuts made to rose bushes are at an angle to prevent water accumulating and to lessen the chances of pathogens landing on the wound.

Can you tenderize meat with jackfruit leaves?

Yes,you may use it as a tenderizer for meat and it can lessen the salt taste of the meat that can prevent us from kidney diseases.

When can drug therapy be used to treat cardiac tamponade?

If the abnormal fluid buildup in the pericardial sac is caused by cancer or kidney disease, drugs used to treat these conditions can help lessen the amount of fluid collecting inside the sac.

How can you prevent bruises?

There is no true way to prevent a bruise, but you can lessen the severity of it. To do this, put an ice pack on the area as soon as possible after bumping it. This constricts the broken capillaries which will decrease the amount of blood, therefore decreasing the severity of the bruise.

How many syllables does lessen have?

"Lessen" has two (2) syllables.

The part of the eye which decreases in size when a bright light is shone into the eye?

The pupil decreases in size to lessen the amount of light allowed in, so as to prevent damage.

What is the objectivs of first aid?

There are 3 main objectives of first aid:Alleviate or lessen pain of the victim.Save or prolong the victims life.Prevent further injury.

A sentence with the word lessen?

Many companies are attempting to lessen their impact on the environment.

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