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Cat Faced Spider............

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The spider with a black body and white smiley face spots is the jumping spider. It's scientific name is Phidippus audax. It is harmless to people.

A white spotted jumping spider can have a green dot on its face. They are not poisonous, but they may bite if they feel intimidated.

I just saw a spider like this on my picket fence! Freaked me RIGHT OUT! I googled "black spider"+"white face" and found this question. Now I'm googling further till I find out what the HECK that was! Freakiest spider ever!!!!!! Totally voo doo!

Yes, prone is face down (abdomen) and supine is face up (back).

Craniofacial means pertaining to the skull and face.

it is called the happy face spider.

The skull to face ration is higher in a fetal skull than an adult one.

The happy face spider, aka Theridion grallator

the happy face spider is called nananana makakiʻi

The weight of the happy face spider is 2 to 3 grams. The length of the happy face spider is 5 mm or three sixteenth of an inch.

The skull protects your brain and gives your face it's shape.

i don't know what they are,but i found one under a doormat in Toronto Ontario.unfortunately i did not have my camera handy.the red was a wine red,the white a cream and overall size about the same as a mens watch face ****** It is probably a Woodlouse Hunter, from the Disderidae family. Check out the photo at related links.

The deep bones in the face is called as Skull

Your skull and mandible.

The adult face compare to the skull because of the soft spots. As a baby you will have soft stops which go away in time.

Yes, all the bones in your head are called skull.

It sounds like the famous black widow spider. they can be poisonous but if you avoid them at all costs they wont bother you, they only bite if you poke at them and go near and annoy them !!

1. The skull supports the structures of the face. 2. The skull protects the brain against injury. 3.

The spider known for having a smiling face on its back is called the happy-face spider. It is found in Hawaii and it under threat to be extinct.

mandible or lower jaw is the movable portion of our skull....

Yes, the face-biting AIDS spider

Is it a smiley face crab spider? I usually go to for my bug questions. Just type yellow spider in the search and look through the pictures. Sounds like a garden spider. Non poisionous and has a zig zag white mark in its web.

You obbviously paint your face white You obbviously paint your face white

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